JUDGMENT brings with it the idea of ​​right or wrong, a question of where we as people stand on that line. The Judgment card has different meanings depending on how and where you draw it during a reading. 1 The Judgment tarot card represents the day of judgmentCredit: Getty ImagesRead More →

EVEN though the Justice tarot card has simple images, its meanings are layered. The scales on the map represent the balance we need to find in our lives: between intuition and logic, or between hope and caution. 1 The Justice card represents balance, truth, cause and effect, fairness and lawRead More →

The Lovers tarot card can have two meanings depending on how the card is drawn. The Lovers tarot card can represent different fates if drawn right side up or upside down. 1 The Lovers Tarot Card What does The Lovers tarot card mean? In its purest form, the Lovers cardRead More →