It seems like things aren’t going perfectly in your love life right now. Insecurities, lack of trust, or cheating can affect your relationship. Be more communicative with your partner; a simple conversation can help solve the problem. Focus on organizing and tidying up and structuring your work environment. Appropriate planning,Read More →

CHRIS Daughtry’s daughter-in-law Hannah has shared a tarot card suggesting ‘destructive change’ before her death by homicide. The former American Idol contestant’s 25-year-old stepdaughter was found dead in her Nashville home by police on November 12. 3 Hannah Price was found dead in her Nashville homeCredit: Instagram 3 The tarotRead More →

As told to Sreeparna Mazumder by Mahima Bhatnagar, psychotherapist, practitioner of arts-based therapy and integrative somatic trauma therapy. Bhatnagar is also a tarot card reader. As a psychotherapist, I involve the Indian setting in my practice. For example, Buddhism and Indian psychology offer a lot of information on mental health,Read More →

A complete combination of pentacle cards means that one seeks solutions to material, financial and professional conflicts. The Eight of Pentacles tarot card refers to working hard to achieve your goals, even if it means cutting out all distractions. 2 The Eight of Pentacles card represents a skilled worker workingRead More →