With the already installed positive energy of Navratri, people are doing their best to take full advantage of the auspicious period to bring about rapid changes in their lives. According to expert tarot reader-healer-life coach Bina Sheth of Divine Bliss Cuttack, several zodiac signs will be slightly luckier throughout OctoberRead More →

The Two of Wands brings success and enthusiasm for the future into your life. It is your potential, your ambition and your dynamism that this card symbolizes because it indicates that you are ready to move forward. 2 Two of Wands Tarot Card Reveals When to Trust Your Intuition andRead More →

The Temperance Tarot represents moderation, balance, personal growth, and avoidance of extremes. As author and tarot expert Claire Goodchild tells mbg, this card shows up in our lives when we feel out of balance, and sometimes even when we’re not. feel unbalanced but actually are. It can also indicate thatRead More →

Ever since the Cursed Possessions update was introduced in Phasmophobia, players have been rushing to use them. They make ghost hunting more interesting, and we can’t get enough of them. Tarot cards are among the most popular items. There are ten different tarot cards you can draw, some rarer thanRead More →