All You Need To Know About The Devil Tarot Card

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Few tarot cards elicit such a dramatic response as the appearance of the Devil, but I assure you there is no need to panic! After all, there are no bad tarot cards in the deck, just lessons to heed. And no one helps us see in the darkness like the Devil.

If life seems out of control or especially difficult lately, this card is an opportunity to confront our demons, re-examine our choices, and ask ourselves, “How the hell did I get here?!” It’s a reminder that life doesn’t have to feel like this. You CAN change and make different choices!

Accept the challenge of daring to explore the sources of your discomfort. What has been buried deep below and neglected? You can deal with it now. In order to invoke lasting change and achieve your juiciest desire, you must tackle the uncomfortable things lurking in your subconscious: your fears, doubts, insecurities, negative beliefs, and bad habits. Nothing is ever guaranteed, but it’s much easier to create happiness when you face your demons head-on, make peace with them, and move on.

The Devil’s Keywords

Obsessions, vices, desires, excesses, temptation, indulgence, shadow of self, limitations, restrictions, choices, freedom

The meaning of the standing devil

What’s stopping you from feeling your best and living your best, most fabulous life? Are you stuck in a cycle of bad behavior driven by bad habits? Abuse as a coping mechanism? Allowing toxic people to plague your sphere? Do you feel unworthy of success?

Whatever it is that weighs you down and makes you feel trapped in your current situation, the Devil reminds you to break free from the proverbial chains that bind you. We all outgrow things, whether it’s relationships, workplaces, or mindsets. This is the time for you to address what isn’t working so you can finally let go. Free once and for all those obsolete and obsolete limitations! You are free to do whatever you want! We all have choices to make in life, and this is your chance to make better ones.

The reverse meaning of the devil

When was the last time you indulged in being frivolous and getting a little wild? I mean, isn’t it just nice to be seduced by the pleasures of life? When everything feels too serious, too structured, and too controlled, sometimes you just have to stop holding yourself back from having a little fun. Eat the dessert first, date that person you never plan to see again, or treat yourself to those absurdly expensive heels (you don’t need a specific occasion, you’ll create one!). Don’t beat yourself up with guilt or shame. Life is meant to be lived! Be a player! Be flirty! Be spontaneous! Have fun! Sometimes it’s good to feel a little bad for a night (but don’t overdo it, baby!).

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