Animal Crossing’s Tom Nook Featured As The Devil In Tarot Card Fan Art

An Animal Crossing fan recently produced a themed set of tarot cards featuring controversial owner Tom Nook as the devil card.

A nice set of animal crossingThe themed tarot cards featured entrepreneur Tom Nook as the devil. Tom Nook has been a pivotal character in the animal crossing series since its inception, providing players with what they need to start their new life among the population of its in-game villages. The different personalities of Animal Crossing many villagers and characters are one of the most beloved features of the series.

Since 2001, animal crossing thrilled gamers with its unique family-friendly approach to social simulation. Whereas animal crossing allows players to create their own houses and participate in the development of the village like most simulators, one of the main charms of Animal Crossing the gameplay lies in interacting and socializing with the village’s colorful population. This allows players to develop friendships with their neighbors through special requests and dialogue interactions that can vary depending on the personality of the villager. There are also special characters in the game who place more emphasis on the overall functionality of the village. One such character is businessman Tom Nook, who often introduces players to their new home in animal crossing and is in charge of many services that actors need to maintain their life in the village. Long-time gamers have seen Animal Crossing Tom Nook’s businesses and personality change throughout the series, going from humble shop owner to real estate mogul and travel agent. Regardless of his role in each game, Tom Nook has always been there to animal crossing players if the price was right.


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Online store owner Laia revealed via Twitter new designs for animal crossing characters in the role of tarot cards. Laya’s tweet shows off four of the major arcana of the Tarot, with The Devil played by shrewd business magnate Tom Nook. Despite the warm and enchanting saturation of Laya’s art style and the preservation of the character’s soft features, never Animal Crossing the iconic benefactor looked so menacing with his steely gaze and devilish crotch. Even the insets on his normally rounded ears have been highlighted to look like horns. The evil Nook is joined by fellow cast members Celeste as The Star, Katrina as The High Preistess, and iconic couple Reese and Cyrus as The Lovers. Laya runs both an Etsy and Shopify eshop under the name puffychi where they sell a number of colorful designs based on popular Nintendo properties.

Despite how good these designs were, Laya followers had reservations about casting Tom Nook as The Devil. However, when you consider Tom Nook’s story, the choice starts to make sense. First animal crossing, Tom Nook gives the player a new life in exchange for a massive debt which the player begins to pay off by working in Nook’s shop. This act could be likened to selling one’s soul to the Devil and the infernal servitude that ensues. Nook also made the not-so-benevolent choice by new sheet to leave behind his friends and family to pursue his gold-plated dreams in the big city. Although his efforts failed, he still managed to grow his business upon his return, to such heights that the village now practically relies on him to survive.

Whatever opinion one has of Tom Nook’s alleged relationships, Laya’s enchanting Tarot designs are enough to make anyone wonder what a complete set might look like. We hope that patrons and animal crossing fans won’t have to wait long to find out. Until then, new residents of animal crossing may want to exercise caution in future relationships with Tom Nook.

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Sources: Laya/Twitter