Celebrity Seer Reveals King Charles ‘Devil’ Tarot Card Meaning

Inbaal Honigman (Collect/PA Real Life)

A psychic predicts King Charles’ reign will be long and fruitful – although a devil card in his tarot reading is a warning he could be in trouble for cracking a joke that falls flat.

Famed psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman, 48, also said the Queen’s death last Thursday came at a time the spiritual community feared because of the unfortunate way the stars were aligned.

And Honigman, who lives in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, also predicts Camilla will ‘do her best to remain in the shadows’ as Queen consort, with William – now Prince of Wales – struggling to adjust to her new duties as he mourns, and the Duke of Sussex, Harry, will not be returning to the royal fold anytime soon.

Explaining why the timing of the Queen’s passing on September 8, 2022 “made sense”, she said there was a combination of the Full Moon in Pisces, which often involves the afterlife, and Mercury coming into view. directs to demotion, which can bring difficulties to people.

She said: “Of course it would not be possible to predict exactly when this tragic death of the Queen was going to happen – Her Majesty’s passing has truly shocked us as a nation.

“But I’ve seen unfortunately, with people I’ve read for, that when there’s a very long marriage situation where one person moves on, leaving the other behind, the one who’s left wants to join his partner.

“Over the past few days and over the weekend, we’ve had a full moon in Pisces, which often involves the afterlife.

“Mercury was also heading into retrograde, a time when people are facing personal challenges and hardships, so while that didn’t necessarily indicate there would be the passing of a longtime and very loved, the timing made sense.”

Leading a tarot reading, Inbaal made predictions for the reign of King Charles III.

She said, “Initially, he has the Three Swords card which is for grief. This means that he is entering a period of mourning and adjustments which will be quite difficult for him.

“He’s not a youngster taking on this role, so he will have additional worries and worries for himself and all his family, so I predict it will be a time of introspection for him as he gets on. adapts to the transition.

“The next card is a 10 of Cups which is a water tarot and as King Charles is a water sign he is very aligned with this card.

“This card shows that he may be preparing or will prepare early for the next transition that will occur after him.”

Inbaal goes on to predict that Prince William, now heir to the throne, will take on more responsibilities in the years to come.

She said, “The third card is a tank card, which is a progress card.

“I predict that around his 80th birthday, King Charles will begin sharing the duties with his son, Prince William, to ensure a smooth transition of power when the time finally comes for Charles.

“The tank card is not a negative, it means the move will be from a safe and secure location and King Charles and Prince William will work well together.

“I think the public will support Charles as king. I believe his words and actions in the coming days and weeks will demonstrate that his message is one of love, unity and public service and that he intends to do everything from his heart.

And Inbaal also predicts that King Charles will enjoy his new role.

She said: “It will be difficult, I certainly wouldn’t like to trade places with a monarch, but he can bring a lot of life experience to this role.

“He starts off as King already being a grandfather, which is kind of like being a king already.

“He will be able to transfer the skills he has from that to the responsibility of being a monarch and that will allow him to benefit from that too.”

But Inbaal also warns that there could be trouble for the king after drawing the devil card.

She said: “This card might not have the best name, but it’s actually a really fun card. I think King Charles is an impulsive speaker and could get himself into the water hot by voicing a joke that will fall flat and not land well.

“It might get him in trouble, but I don’t see him having too much trouble because all of the cards that have appeared during his reign are cards from the Major Arcana of the Tarot, all of which are very transformational cards.

“Because of that, I think he’ll step into that role and embrace it fully.”

The next card drawn by Inbaal is the High Priestess.

She said: “This card represents the wisdom and wisdom of the ages, which is very relevant to King Charles at this time.

“He is wise enough to look back and see the mistakes of past generations and learn from them and grow.

“Pulling this card, I think it means he will have a long reign and I see he is succeeding too.”

And Inbaal also sees transition times for Prince William and Prince Harry.

She said: “Prince William is going to have a longer period of mourning. He will take on additional duties while trying to be an active father and I think this adjustment period will take him longer than it did for King Charles.

“While Prince Harry is an earth sign, which means he is very pragmatic, he thinks first and feels second.

“I don’t see Prince Harry coming back into the fold anytime soon, but in about five years I think he will start offering his help to the business again out of kindness, but I don’t think it will be immediate.”

Inbaal also has some predictions for how Camilla will fare as queen consort.

She said: “I feel Camilla will do her best to stay in the background.

“She’s cancerous and they don’t need to be the center of attention, they get a huge sense of satisfaction just by supporting the people they love, which indicates she’ll be happy to hold each other side by side with King Charles without making an attempt to draw attention to herself.

“I think she will be very happy and successful in her new role as queen consort and will be able to fully accept the role without stepping over the edge.”

And although Inbaal believes King Charles will have a successful reign, she predicts his relationship with the public will be different from that of his mother.

She said: ‘It is not a fair comparison to compare Queen Elizabeth’s long reign with the prospect of King Charles’.

“The Queen was our monarch during a world war and through those hardships and her commitment, it was truly a bonding experience between her and the public.

“The King will not have the same opportunity to show his extraordinary nature as the Queen did.

“However, even though it will be different, I foresee the King having a long and fruitful reign and I imagine that over the years he will also command a great deal of respect and adoration from the public.”