Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning: Upright, Inverted, Keywords

Do you feel trapped and overwhelmed by your current situation, with no way out? If only everything was different… but it’s not, and even if it was, what could you do about it, you pathetic loser? ? I would never speak to you that way, but the Eight of Swords tarot card unfortunately would. When appearing in a tarot reading, this card indicates the unnecessary ways we hold ourselves back, whether through self-imposed limitations, harmful self-talk, or a severely negative state of mind.

Sometimes we really are our own worst enemies, but when we recognize how we restrict our own power, we can shift our perspectives to be more proactive, positive, and empowered. And it is there, my dear, that we can make major life changes to create a new reality: an even better life than we had previously imagined.

Eight of Swords Tags

Self-limiting beliefs, victim mentality, holding back, negative self-talk, trapped, overthinking, imprisonment, disempowerment, perspective shift

Eight of Swords Straight

Have you ever found yourself in a metaphorical pit of despair? Maybe in a situation that has gotten so out of control that you feel like you’ll never get out of it? Have you given in to the idea of ​​being trapped in a state of endless misery until the end of time? (A little dramatic, no?) How did you get here??? I’ll be honest with you: it doesn’t matter how you got here, but what matters is how you get out of it. And YES, you CAN change your situation, even if the fear seems completely paralyzing.

Life doesn’t have to be like that, but you do need to take big steps and initiate much-needed change. First, take responsibility for YOUR part in the deal. All this did not happen to you, you also participated in this dynamic. It’s okay, we’ve all been there! Whether it’s a toxic friendship, an unfulfilling romantic relationship that’s gone on too long, or a job that no longer satisfies you, this is your chance to end it by initiating the breakup, by giving notice and ultimately defending yourself. And PS: if the circumstances call for an apology, do so in order to move on.

Reversed Eight of Swords

This is a major moment! It is clarity in the form of self-acceptance, self-mastery and sovereignty. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve been through, you aren’t defined by the bad things that have happened to you. You are free from your past, detached from old habits and patterns, and open to the possibilities of what lies ahead. You have overcome these challenges! The reversed Eight of Swords is your cosmic reminder that you are the author of your own story and the creator of your own reality. Don’t question yourself! You have this, baby.