Every Tarot Card in Phasmophobia, Ranked

Ever since the Cursed Possessions update was introduced in Phasmophobia, players have been rushing to use them. They make ghost hunting more interesting, and we can’t get enough of them. Tarot cards are among the most popular items. There are ten different tarot cards you can draw, some rarer than others.

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The cards are always shuffled, so you’ll never know which card you’ll draw. You might draw two identical cards, and sometimes you won’t get any at all. You are risking while playing with this dangerous item. Here are all the tarot cards you can draw from worst to best.


ten The hanged man

Hangman is by far the worst card you can draw. Unfortunately, drawing this card will result in the immediate death of whoever draws it. It doesn’t matter how sane you are or how good you are in the game.

If you mess with the cards at the start of the turn and draw this card, you’ll be stuck like a ghost missing all the action. Luckily, it’s one of the rarest cards, and it doesn’t appear too often, but there’s always a chance it’s in the game.

9 Death

Everyone becomes anxious when the Death card is drawn. This will entice the ghost to hunt, regardless of your sanity. Even if you are playing on Amateur or Intermediate difficulty and time has not run out, this card still applies.

Playing with this object in the open air can be very dangerous. It is best used in a hideout or near a hideout in case someone draws this card. You definitely don’t want to use this item in the ghost room.

8 The idiot

The Fool has a love-hate relationship with the players. It is a card that will disguise itself as another and briefly show another card before revealing itself. It can cause some anxiety and relief within seconds.

Related: Games To Play If You Like PhasmophobiaIt will mostly disguise itself in the most terrifying cards. Sometimes you’ll think you pulled The Hanged Man only to find out it was a trick. If you say you shot death, everyone will run away to be relieved when you say it was just the fool.

seven The moon

The Moon is a dangerous card to draw at the start of any turn. This will cause your sanity to drop to zero. Low sanity will make the ghost more likely to hunt. This can endanger you and your teammates. It doesn’t matter if everyone has good mental health.

If you are in the house for no reason, the ghost will become aggressive and hunt. While popping pills can help you regain your sanity, you’ll want to leave some for your teammates.

6 The devil

The devil is one of the best cards, but it can also be scary. This will force a ghost event which can be very sudden and often spook other players. Either the ghost will whisper in your ear, or it will appear and start humming.

This can sometimes be a great way to get a ghost shot. It can also clear the objective of witnessing a ghost event. Some people often confuse it with the death card and run away before they realize it’s okay.

5 Tower

The tower will cause a ghost interaction. This means the ghost will open a door or move objects around the room it is haunting. This is a good card to draw early on as it can help you locate the ghost easily.

Related: Ways To Get More Money In Phasmophobia It can also be a good way to look for fingerprints or EMF levels. If you need interaction photos, this is the perfect card to shoot. It is one of the most common cards, so it can easily be drawn multiple times.

4 The wheel of fortune

The wheel of fortune can be a good or a bad card depending on the color it burns. It will affect your mental health. If it burns green, you’ll gain twenty-five percent sanity. If it burns red, you will lose twenty-five percent sanity.

If you use this item later in your run, it might help if you run out of sanity pills. It can be dangerous to use it near the start in case you shoot several. It’s a common draw card, so be careful.

3 the hermit

Hermit is one of the best cards to draw if you have low sanity or have an aggressive ghost. Drawing this card will keep the ghost in its place. Just like a smudge stick, it can stop the ghost from hunting for a short time.

This card is less common, but it’s a pleasure to get it while playing. This may give you a bit more time to settle in if you’re playing Nightmare mode where the ghost can hunt right away.

2 The sun

The Sun is a good card to draw if your sanity has been depleted. Opposite the Moon, this card will completely restore your sanity. This is great for players who may have forgotten to bring sanity pills. This could also be a problem if you need the objective to lower your sanity.

Related: Phasmophobia: Every Type Of Ghost, RankedUnfortunately, this is not a common card and can be difficult to obtain. Having good sanity can prevent the ghost from hunting too often and can give you more time to get things done.

1 The High Priestess

The High Priestess is the best card you can draw. This will revive a deceased teammate. It’s an extremely rare card, so don’t count it in your stack. The best thing about this card is that even though everyone is alive when it’s drawn, whoever dies first will be resurrected shortly after.

Being revived will cause your screen to go blank before you respawn in the same spot where you died. You will need to pick up your items as you will spawn without them.

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