Everything you need to know about the Queen of Cups tarot card

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Sweet and sensitive ruler of the realm of our emotions, the Queen of Cups arrives in a tarot reading to ask you how you feel in your current situation. And no, don’t brush it off with a simple “I’m fine.” She REALLY wants to know what’s really going on because she cares deeply about you!

Somewhat psychic and mostly magical, the Queen of Cups tarot card is a nurturing mother figure who intuitively knows when you feel lost or unmoored. She gently guides you to your heart space through kindness and compassion. When a logical approach just doesn’t work or you’re wading through indecision, this queen reminds you to trust your instincts when it comes to people, places, and potential opportunities.

queen of cups

Compassion, Kindness, Caring, Intuitive, Sensitive, Self-Care, Self-Love

The queen of standing cuts

Everyone wants to be unconditionally loved and fully accepted for their true, authentic selves – and that’s exactly how this queen shows her love. She is fully present when she is with you, actively listening while keeping space for those who need a safe place to be vulnerable. Caring and compassionate, she leads with her heart (even if that sometimes means ignoring common sense!). Embody this energy by meeting people on an emotional level and showing patience, understanding and unconditional emotional support.

Since you have such a deep understanding of what other people need emotionally, be sure to respect your boundaries and not burden yourself with something that is not yours. You can be the solid rock that everyone relies on and an energetic support system for your friends and family, but also know when your tender heart has had enough. There is such a thing as being too generous to the point of neglecting one’s own needs. Stay centered and don’t take energy that isn’t yours… you know what I mean?

The queen of reverse cuts

When this queen comes upside down, it’s a sign to prioritize your own self-care. You feed everyone around you, but put your own emotional needs on the back burner. Show yourself the same care and understanding that you give to others and be open to receiving support from those around you. If you’ve been feeling overly sensitive lately, this tarot card is a sign that you’re emotionally drained and energetically drained. Don’t be so hard on yourself, honey! Treat yourself to some rest and relaxation. After all, self-love leads to greater levels of compassion.

This card is also a reminder to stop doubting yourself! If something is wrong, then it probably isn’t, so why are you ignoring the red flags presented to you? Ignoring your instincts will only lead to unnecessary pain and chaotic turmoil. Trust your intuition and make your decisions accordingly.

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