Financial gains for Gemini, Leo should embrace change

Tarot Card Prediction: We are all waiting for the universe to show us a signal as confirmation of our instincts. Ask the universe for confirmation today by showing you a bird, a symbol, a number or a phrase. But before that, let’s just read the universal guided message of the week.Also Read – Weekly Tarot Card Prediction by Zodiac Sign: Sagittarians Should Stop Confronting, Leos Shouldn’t Resist


Ram: You need to let go of unwanted energies in order to bring balance. Trust in yourself and let the energies flow naturally to bring stability. Changes in source of income and success at work are shown. Read also – Weekly tarot predictions from September 12 to 18: Virgo to make travel plans, Aries to experience transformation

Bull: Pay attention to thoughts and let your ideas flow. You have the courage to make it happen, be focused and don’t let concerns take over your clear mindset. Being devoted will bring success with peace. Take care of your emotional health. Also read – Tarot Prediction September 5 to September 11: weekly tarot card prediction and angelic messages for Aries, Leo, Libra and other zodiac signs

Gemini: A lot of creativity and income are visible. As you come up with creative ideas, be sure to also put them into practice for success. Now is the time to leave the monotonous routine and find your place in the new version of yourself.

Cancer: It’s time to watch and let it go. With delays, there will be light of awareness and unexpected results. This too will pass and bring better energies as it will ward off confusion and eliminate that which is not constructive.

Leo: Enjoy the moment and don’t stress. A sudden surge of opportunity may require prolonged communications and discharge from stereotypical thinking to enjoy life’s precious moments. Accept the change that comes your way.

Virgin: Everything will fall into place automatically. Teamwork, travel and new relationships are indicated. Chances of receiving awards or recognition. Mental health needs attention for some. Release stress to welcome new thoughts.

Balance: Success in your work with punctuality is indicated. Many may feel exhausted and stressed. Changes in the work of machinery and its related elements. Some may need to work hard to make others happy.

Scorpio: Pause and think about where the situation takes you. Let go of the need to control the situation if it puts you under pressure. This shift will help you understand the value of yourself and others. Honor your true self.

Sagittarius: Micromanaging and sharing ideas will surely lead you to a very adventurous journey in life. Soaring incomes are on the horizon. Break mentalities and take the plunge if you are eager for progress.

Capricorn: Respect the situation. Your relationships are important. Spend time with yourself and be receptive. Those who are feeling burnt out this week, it’s time to heal your neuro system and this is clearly blocking your energies

Aquarius: The water carrier seems to be emotional, but you also have the ability to make the right decisions. You may have difficulties, but if you are sure of your path, success will follow you. Take calculated risks and be open to opportunities.

Pisces: Free yourself from the stubborn environment where you feel overburdened by sharing your thoughts with your near and dear ones, even those who are heartbroken or in pain. High chance of getting help from an outside source.

– Entries by Kinnari Raval, Victoria-based tarot card reader and psychic medium