Horoscope Tarot Reading for the week of November 7, 2022

You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your sun sign! Here’s what I do: shuffle my tarot deck and take out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces plus one general card for everyone so you can get specific advice on your personality. Let’s go!


Property of Hearst

The ace of cups is a great card on new beginnings. Think: starting a new romance, rekindling the spark in a current relationship, making a new friend, welcoming a new family member, adopting a pet, taking on a new job, or starting a new creative project. Be on the lookout for opportunities from people who feel exciting and genuine. Follow your heart and trust your instincts. Whatever you start this week is likely to bring you joy and success in the future.


the tarot card the page of swords, showing a hand holding a gold pen in front of a diamond

Property of Hearst

Stop thinking about it too much. Commit! The swords page brings hot and cold energy, which is counterproductive because people can’t support you if they don’t know where you stand. Make up your mind and stick to it. When you do this, you will regain your opportunities. Make a choice.


three wands tarot card

Property of Hearst

It’s a spontaneous week, Taurus, which isn’t always your favorite vibe. The Three of Wands asks you to keep the schedule relatively clear as many random invitations and opportunities will emerge. Say “yes” to everything you can. Life needs a little shake-up once in a while.


justice tarot card

Property of Hearst

Justice is a powerful card for doing the right thing and being rewarded. Karma look! Keep up the good work this week, Gemini, and if you haven’t done anything right…stop! Maybe you’ll be right about something too. If so, resist the urge to say “I told you so”.


the ten swords tarot card, showing a hand holding ten golden pens

Property of Hearst

The Ten of Swords has a sharp edge. The presence of this card means that you need to cut someone or something toxic in your life. Don’t just hang around, making excuses, hoping things will get better. It’s not going to get better. And the longer you stay here, the worse it will get. It’s time to get out of this situation. Don’t stay in a place where you feel bad. Take care of yourself, Cancer.


the tarot card the knight of pentacles, showing a golden clock

Property of Hearst

Work hard, Leo. Put the hours in. The Knight of Pentacles is the hardest worker in tarot, persistent against all odds. What you are working on is worthwhile and your efforts will be rewarded. It’s time to block out distractions and focus. The progress you make this week will get you through the hardest part of this project and you will find yourself in an easier phase.


four of swords tarot card

Property of Hearst

Virgo, relax. Walk away from the drama. The Four of Swords is the Tarot’s “sick note” and it appears when we are in danger of burnout. Everything is getting a little too much and you need some down time to take a step back, recharge your batteries and recalibrate your ambitions. You can only do this when you have some space, so make it happen.


the Four of Pentacles tarot card, showing two hands holding a clock with three others below them

Property of Hearst

Stop doing what you always do, Libra. It’s time for a change. Same behavior = same results. The Four of Pentacles is a “shake it up” card, inviting you to act in a new way instead of falling into old habits and patterns. You will know what it is, because you feel stuck somewhere. Wherever it is, make this week the turning point.


the Hierophant tarot card, showing half of a woman's face next to a diamond

Property of Hearst

Rebellion is no stranger to you, Scorpio. You enjoy testing boundaries and breaking other people’s rules. The Hierophant sees you on the other side this week, protecting something close to your heart, something that represents a structure or status quo that you rely on. It can be related to family, community or spirituality. Stand up for your beliefs, but also acknowledge that not everyone agrees with them. Find common ground.


the King of Cups tarot card, showing a golden goblet on a starry background with a full moon and a crown-shaped diamond behind

Property of Hearst

Although you can be brutally honest and even tactless at times, people tend to confide in you because you’re also warm, nonjudgmental, and philosophical. The King of Cups sees you playing therapist for others this week (and enjoying it). You don’t need to give advice, you just need to listen and show sympathy. Don’t absorb any negativity, but let it flow. That’s where you’re needed this week.


the tarot card the Six of Pentacles, showing six golden clocks falling from one hand to the other

Property of Hearst

Kindness is everything, Capricorn. People don’t always remember what you did or said, but they do remember how you made them feel. Spread the Kindness This Week The Six of Pentacles reveals that good energy will flow back to you down the line. You are building good karma, keep going.


the hanged man tarot card, showing a hand reaching out to hold a full moon inside a golden picture frame

Property of Hearst

Hangman reveals that you have been going through a frustrating period of stagnation recently. You are naturally very direct, active and assertive, so waiting for things to happen really gets on your nerves. Maybe you have acted a little. Its good. The key to progress is to change your perspective and see things from a different angle. Sit down and try to see things differently. What changes?


five of pentacles tarot card

Property of Hearst

Sometimes we all feel sad for no apparent reason. The Five of Cups makes you feel a little like that this week. You can’t put your finger on WHY this mood went down…but it did. Do not worry. It will pass just as quickly. Go ahead, cry, write a sad poem and talk to a friend. When you release your feelings, they feel so heavy and you can move on.