How To Find Every Tarot Card In The Quarry

Throughout part of The career, you will be able to find tarot cards that can be given to Narrator Eliza between chapters. This allows you to glimpse possible outcomes, potentially guiding characters in the game towards a better chance of survival or an untimely demise. However, no matter how many cards you find in a chapter, you can only choose one to predict the future.


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Tarot cards appear with a sudden change in camera angle, making it easy to know when you’re nearby. However, some will burn if not picked up quickly enough, so be sure to take every opportunity to collect tarot cards when they appear.

We’ve tried to keep spoilers out of this guide as much as possible, but you may still be able to figure out the plot points based on the information provided here. We recommend that you complete a game on your own before using this guide to get the tarot cards you missed.


The prologue contains a single tarot card, which is easy to find almost immediately.

The idiot

When Laura goes into the woods, the camera suddenly moves after only a few steps. The idiot is visible during this period and can be recovered.

Chapter 1

There’s only one tarot card in Chapter 1, but it’s easy to miss. Be sure to pick it up as soon as you enter the Lodge as Jacob so you don’t miss your chance!


After Jacob climbs through the window to enter the Lodge, leave the library to reach the main room. Take an immediate right, and you’ll see the door to the kitchen (there’s a large metal fridge visible inside). The Temperance card will become visible when Jacob crosses the kitchen threshold.

Chapter 2

Like the previous chapter, Chapter 2 only has one tarot card, and it is possible to skip the area entirely where it is. The game forces you to choose between finding The Hanged Man or a few clues, so you’ll have to play the game multiple times to see it all.

The hanged man

When Nick and Abigail go for a walk to collect firewood, choose to take the rocky path track back to others. The Hanged Man is found turning left at the fork.

chapter 3

There are two tarot cards to find in Chapter 3, one as Abigail and one as Jacob.


After Abigail leaves the hearth and goes into the woods, look for the camera angle to change shortly after she starts hearing whispers. When the perspective moves to Abigail’s side rather than behind her, turn left to follow the indicated path. The tower will become visible as you progress down this path.

The star

When Jacob enters the boathouse looking for towels, the star will appear after stepping inside.

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 contains two tarot cards, each at the start of a character’s scene. Be sure to collect them both before you leave as Emma and Dylan.

The magician

As soon as you’re able to walk around as Emma, turn around immediately and walk to the end of the pier. There will be a brief cutscene on approach, after which you can go to the edge and collect the tarot card.


After meeting Emma on the island, the game resumes as Dylan. Unlike other tarot cards, Strength appears as part of a cutscene. Just before the group opens the door to the Lodgebe ready to hit the interact button to grab it.

Chapter 5

Dylan and Ryan can find two tarot cards when they visit the camp cabins by going to the radio cabin. Collect both before entering the building.

The first time you approach the radio shack, you can talk to Ryan. He will ask you if you are ready to enter. If you still haven’t found all the clues and tarot cards, be sure to say no. Talking to Ryan again will immediately end the exploration and enter the next sceneso make sure you don’t talk to him a second time until you’re absolutely ready.

The devil

Look for a swing hanging from the large tree in the center of the cabin circle. the devil is between the swing and the nearby picnic tables. Stand in the middle of the triangle formed by them and the map will appear.

the hermit

Go around the left side of the radio shack. The hermit is hidden behind the building. You can also find the claw marks exhibit as you pass the radio shack.

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Chapter 6

Jacob and Abigail each have the opportunity to find tarot cards during Chapter 6.


After going down the stairs to exit the boardwalk, Jacob can find Justice to his left. It’s not far from the stairs, so don’t venture out until you find it.

The moon

While exploring the pool house as Abigail, check the showers. The Moon is in the central shower cubicle in the hallway. To pick it up before moving the radiator to comfort Nick.

Chapter 7

Laura can find two tarot cards while exploring the police station.

The world

When you can walk around Laura’s cell, stand in the left corner, near the bars. The world will be revealed under the bed.


When Laura is able to leave her cell and explore the rest of the building, walk to the center of large office area outside the cell block. Between the desks, the camera will move to the ceiling, where the Cart can be picked up.

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 has four tarot cards to find, and is on par with Chapter 9 for having more than any other chapter.


After Ryan and Laura fall into the abandoned quarry, follow the main path up. Shortly after a cutscene where a railing comes off the scaffolding, you’ll enter the next chamber.

The path juts immediately to your left here; step onto the elongated platform to collect Les Amoureux.

Wheel of Fortune

After removing the boards to clear the way past the rockslide sign, the Wheel of Fortune will appear on your left as you proceed through the main tunnel.

The Empress

After emerging from the quarry in the basement of Hackett House, take an immediate left to find a side room containing the Empress.

The emperor

Once the Empress has been recovered, return to the main path and walk straight from your starting point. The Emperor can be found on the right as you progress.

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Chapter 9

There are four tarot cards hidden throughout Chapter 9. This is a very tense chapter, so keep calm and be thorough in your research!


After meeting Constance and the rest of the family at Hackett House, Ryan will come out of hiding alone. Walk to the center of the room to find the Death card. Do this first before checking anything else to avoid accidentally triggering the next scene.

The sun

When Laura enters the room with the piano, the main path will take you up the stairs. Take all the clues you find, and when you’re ready continue along the landing to find a room with large windows.

The sun will become visible when you enter the room. Grab it before crossing to the other side, as this automatically triggers a cutscene.


In the junkyard, once you open the door to the main area, go through the shipping container tunnel in front of you. On the other side, a brief cutscene will play as more lights come on. After, look for a staircase on your left.

Go up the stairs and turn left – Judgment will appear when you reach the center of the platform.

The Hierophant

In the storm shelter, return to the stairs that lead to the parking lot. The Hierophant will become visible when you approach the stairs.

If you pick up The Hierophant, Eliza won’t allow you to use the others you found in Chapter 9 to make a prediction and will instead trigger a special scene.

Chapter 10

The last tarot card can be picked up at the start of Chapter 10, before the attack on the Lodge.

The High Priestess

While exploring the lodge, go up the stairs and to the left, above the kitchen. There will be a room with a large rug and another staircase leading to the third floor. Explore this top floor to find the High Priestess.

Be sure to pick up the High Priestess before preparing for the final battle to the portrait of Septimus Hackett.

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