Moon Tarot Card Meaning

In astrology, the moon is the cosmic presence that rules our emotions, subconscious, and intuition, and the moon tarot card is no different. Similar to The Temperance tarot card, The Moon is an invitation to assess your subconscious self and take a close look at what your intuition is telling you. Unlike Temperance, however, this major arcana card can tell you something is wrong.

Although the Moon can provide insight, it is enough to point out where the shadows of your subconscious reside – whether hidden or deliberately ignored. Either way, the presence of the Moon is a necessary but often frightening invitation to look deeper within. Read on to understand the symbolism behind The Moon tarot card, its upright and inverted meanings, and its yes and no associations.

Description and symbolism of the Moon card

The Moon tarot card depicts three animals facing the full moon. A dog and a wolf are on alert, representing the domesticated and wild parts of your mind respectively. A crayfish sits between them, half submerged in a body of water in the foreground. His other half sits on the shore at the start of a path that winds between the wolf and the dog, leading to two towers and the mountains beyond.

This crayfish represents the bridge between your subconscious mind (symbolized by water) and the more concrete aspects of your reality (the Earth). The crayfish can see the path ahead but knows that it depends on water for its survival. Likewise, do we often know what is expected of us in our lives, but we must stay grounded in our instincts to move forward successfully.

The meaning of the standing moon

The surface of the Moon in your spread indicates that there are aspects of your subconscious that need to be examined. Pay attention to your intuition right now. Do you have the feeling that something is wrong? The Moon encourages you to explore this intuitive warning and bring it to light. Connect to your subconscious mind to examine this feeling and release any fear or anxiety you may be feeling.

The Reversed Meaning of the Moon

When the Moon is reversed, your instincts are trying to warn you about something that you are deliberately ignoring. This avoidance will only hurt you and prolong the inevitable surge of those suppressed emotions. Your intuition is your greatest gift, but you can’t choose when to adhere to it. If your gut tells you something is wrong, stop and listen. The sooner you bring what’s bothering you to light, the less power it will have over you.

The Yes/No Association of the Moon

The Moon is an indication that you need to slow down your roll. Take a minute to breathe and analyze what your intuition is telling you before making any hasty decisions. The Moon encourages you to meditate, reflect, and realign with the lunar calendar to better hear what your subconscious has to say. Conversely, The Moon warns against jumping to conclusions, making assumptions, and sweeping emotions under the rug.