New projects for Gemini, financial gain for Cancer

After the beautiful August month of manifestation, we are now in another month of very intense and joyful energy in September. Ganeshji being with us during this time blessing us with abundance and happiness then Onam bringing new beginnings and celebrations and not forgetting Vishwakarma puja bringing industrial prosperity followed by energy and blessings of ancestors during Shradh paksha then our most important Maa Durga beloved Shakti (energy) herself comes with extreme divine energy to bless us all.

So during this intense time major shifts are happening around all of us post pandemic in order to receive all the energy in a positive way, we came back with tarot guidance from our expert tarot reader – healer – life coach Mrs. Bina Sheth from Divine Bliss Cuttack.

Read on to get your tips. This is a collective reading for all sun signs. Take what resonates, leave the rest.

Ram – Good news is coming for you in career and property. Singles can jump in and take risks to start a new relationship. Couples try to bring back the spark in the relationship otherwise life together might seem boring.

Bull – Deep issues with people and situations can affect you, so it’s time to let go and gain a new perspective and build boundaries around that. A materialistic and materialistic attitude will hinder your growth. Although financial stability is observed during this period.

Gemini- New projects and new plans and new beginnings. Legal benefits. Make the right decisions. Challenges in relationships may require clear communication and honesty. Use head on heart when it comes to money or you could be at a loss. Watch out for accidents.

Cancer- An unexpected financial windfall for you. Strong foundations for life possible during this period. Family conflicts in relationships may exist due to different cultures and traditions, but the issues can be resolved if awareness is put in place.

Leo- Sensitive moment for you. Have sympathy and compassion for yourself and others. A great time to meet new people and build new relationships. Keep an eye on your finances. Try not to be harsh during this sensitive time.

Virgin – Someone from the past coming back into life. It’s time for celebrations and uplifting positive energy. New job offer to come. Watch your spending. Overindulgence can affect your health, so be careful.

May this month bring much love and blessings into your life. This is a general reading, for personal readings Click on the link below to connect Ms. Bina Sheth