Online Tarot Card Readings: 10 Best Websites to Get an Accurate Tarot Card Reading for Free

Tarot card readings allow you to better understand your present, your past and your future. To receive an online tarot card reading, the questions are formulated by an experienced medium, and the cards are used to guess the answers. Reading tarot cards is another type of cartomancy also known as divination.

Best Websites for Tarot Readings by Experts:

  1. Kasamba.comspecial available: 3 minutes free
  2. Keen.compromotions available: 1 free reading
  3. – ideal for face-to-face tarot card readings
  4. Request now
  5. Psychic Source

Sites and apps for 100% free tarot card readings by computer software:


5 Best Websites for an Online Tarot Reading

1. Kasamba – Best tarot readings from experienced psychics has a comprehensive tarot card guide so you know what you’re getting into before you get an official reading. It deepens the meaning of each card. The website has an entire section for tarot reading advisors. They are accessible by live chat, email, phone call. The profile of each tarot reader talks about the different types of services they offer and their specialization in tarot reading. Kasamba has one of the most moderate prices in the industry. You can get an online tarot reading from $1.99/min to $23.99. Kasamba Online Tarot Reading is designed with the most exciting features meant to make your stay on the site worthwhile.


• Responsive customer service

• A functional mobile application designed to work on both iOS and Android devices

• A secure payment system

• 100% confidential chat guarantee with the medium of your choice

• Best Tarot Card Readers Guaranteed

2. Lively – Cheapest tarot card readings online is an online tarot reading platform founded on the belief that every human being has the right to seek spiritual guidance. They are here to help people achieve this goal through accurate tarot card reading.

You are supposed to get access to professional online tarot card reading services that cover niches like love and relationships, life coaching, happiness psychics, astrology, numerology, and more. The prices, just like the others, are very considerate. Many professional tarot card readers charge between $1.99/min and $30.00/min. It varies on whether they are known to have good online psychic reading reviews.


• 3 minutes of free time

• An educational article on reading tarot cards to get you started.

• A mobile application that works on Android and iOS platforms.

• Responsive customer service.

• Free Horoscopes

3. Oran – Spirit card readers via live video chat has proven to be the best online tarot reading platform in the world today. The website design has one of the most seamless website user interfaces, providing a convenient and easy-to-use web platform.

The online tarot card reading section of this website includes an exciting subsection like Spiritual Speakers, Golden Eyes, Love Psychics, Career Advisor, Intuitive Advisor, etc. Prices range from $5/min to $29.99/min depending on the medium you have chosen.


10 minute free trial

• Payments on time and every 15 days for their mediums.

• Live support chat for psychics

• Online training

• 24/7 live support for customers

• Multiple language options

4. Ask now – Tarot readings by phone connects you at all times with one of the most talented psychics in all of life’s works. The website has a section specifically dedicated to tarot articles covering topics such as the science behind tarot, misunderstood cards, the tarot landscape, and different card meanings.

Their price starts from $1/min to $16/min. Some of their online tarot card reading categories that you are likely to find on the site are Spiritualist, Zodiac Expert, Intuitive, Empath, and Tarot Expert.


• Multiple language options.

• Android and iOS compatibility.

• 10 minutes of free time (depending on the time you purchased)

• Responsive customer service

• Money back guarantee

5. Psychic Source


• Android and iOS compatibility

• Multiple language options

• Responsive customer service

Tarot Card Readings Explained

Tarot cards are known by several names: Troche, Tarock or Trionfi. It is like all other card games, for example the Italian tarocchini, the Austrian königrufen or the French tarot whose origin dates back to the middle of the 15th century in Europe. The divination of tarot cards dates back to the late 18th century when they were said to have been used for occult activities.

Like all common card games, the tarot card game has four colors differentiated by region:

• German Costumes in Central Europe

• French costumes in Northern Europe

• German Costumes in Central Europe

• Latin costumes in Southern Europe

Of all the four suits, each contained 14 cards namely:

• Ace – Contains ten neatly numbered pip cards from one to ten.

• Four face cards – these cards contain King, Queen, Knight and Jack/Knave/Page

The tarot comes with 21 additional cards and yet another unique card called “Fool”, which is actually popular among psychics. The Fool card can be played during gameplay to be tracked. It is still popular in Europe as a regular fun card game without associating it with the occult.

How is reading tarot cards beneficial?

Some people are still skeptical about the honesty of tarot card reading, a situation that has made them doubt the whole process. But nevertheless, there are those who still believe in the procedure and claimed that it has been very beneficial to them in all aspects of life: health, finances, love life, etc. Below we have listed some proven benefits of tarot card reading.

• Clarity in life

Tarot card lovers believed it helped them find clarity in their lives when one was aware of what was going on in their life. A tarot card reading offers you the privilege of knowing in which direction your life is going.

• Decision making

This helps them in the decision-making process; it gives a specific time, method or approach needed to make a certain decision. In this way, the result will be homogeneous.

How We Researched Tarot Websites

We have a number of premium tools that we originally rolled out for this review. First, we searched the online keyword research tool for popular tarot reading online platforms, and the results we got were forwarded to social media – Twitter for confirmation and later modeling by those who encountered one of the platforms. These testimonials from our online correspondents are also what we used to rank these platforms as seen in this review.

What are tarot cards?

Tarot cards are an 18th century practice used primarily to read meaning in the past, present, and future. Although before, it was just an ordinary card game played mostly in European countries. Revealing a card can explain past, present and future events.

What do tarot readings reveal?

What tarot readings reveal depends on what you want the reader to reveal. He has the ability to see through the present, the past and the future.

What makes a good tarot card reader?

What makes a good tarot reader is their ability to give a precise meaning to the card and not just read a script.