Drawing the Star during your tarot reading can signify an intense and necessary renewal. If you look at its placement in the Major Arcana, The Star directly follows The Tower card, which represents the destruction of an old belief system, materialistic addictions, or even a general way of life. TheRead More →

Lately, tarot card designs have appeared in many video games. Tarot cards have been assigned to different characters in Dragon Age: Inquisitionthey appeared as murals in Cyberpunk 2077have been character symbols in Character titles, and Final Fantasy 14 has a whole healing class based on them. This is just theRead More →

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I became interested in tarot, but I do know when I finally allowed myself to take the first step. Right after the New Year, I started exploring this form of cartomancy, from reading articles to reading maps and recently doing professional reading. Discovering howRead More →

While the Sun may be one of the well-known Tarot cards, many may not realize the depth of its symbolism and just how much of a message – or warning – it can send to you. With its planetary ruler clearly being the sun – which represents who you areRead More →

Woman holds tarot cards in front of candles The tarot card reading ritual involves taking a tarot card and randomly removing it from the deck. This practice is commonly referred to as “cutting the bridge”. You must pick up your tarot deck and draw a tarot card for yourself atRead More →

The World is one of the most positive cards in a Tarot deck and the last card in the Major Arcana. It can mean success or failure to move forward, depending on how it sits in your spread. Understanding this card can be the key to acknowledging and thanking yourselfRead More →

In The Quarry, there are 22 secret tarot cards that players can collect in order to complete two different achievements/trophies, as well as potentially save their skins later in their games. The 22 tarot cards are hidden in various chapters, waiting for players to collect them and deliver them toRead More →

Throughout part of The career, you will be able to find tarot cards that can be given to Narrator Eliza between chapters. This allows you to glimpse possible outcomes, potentially guiding characters in the game towards a better chance of survival or an untimely demise. However, no matter how manyRead More →

Career tarot cards can give you insight into future events unfolding in the deck. These premonitions can save your life if you heed them. However, you must first locate where the Tarot Cards in the Quarry are to get a reading from the Curator. Where are the career tarot cards?Read More →

YouTube has recently announcement a series of personalized readings for users interested in tarot cards. And that too with enthusiastic involvement with some of the main creators of the app. The company made the announcement in a unique way today by displaying some of the app’s familiar faces as partRead More →

For anyone wondering just how pervasive occult practices are becoming in mainstream culture, look no further than McDonald’s most recent marketing ploy, which involved, among meal deals, the chance to win readings of tarot cards. The lead of a USA Today article covering the McDonald’s scheme reads, “McDonald’s is gearingRead More →