Six months ago, a tarot card reader predicted that Sylvia Chan would have to make tough decisions about business plans she may be in denial about.

Singapore – Was the Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) saga about co-founder Sylvia Chan destined? Was it fixed in the stars that she should have her business decisions and corporate behavior publicly exposed for all to see?

Well, a tarot card reader seemed to think so.

During a tarot card prediction in June 2021 which was filmed during the Sylvia Chan and Nina Tan podcast The thirsty sisters predicted the challenges that Ms. Chan would face.

In a one minute and 30 second clip, the tarot card reader could be heard saying to Ms. time will come, you will not want to make this decision”.

“You almost want to be in denial and pretend you don’t need to make the decision. There will be a decision coming in the near future, so let’s say approximately 6 months from now,” the tarot card reader said.

She added that the decision could involve things like Ms Chan’s assets or certain business plans “because a lot of your lives are intertwined”, she said. The tarot card reader then told Ms Chan that it would be vital for her to move on.

“So this card coming in, it’s telling you there’s this possibility that you’re not being as objective as you want to be. That’s why you’re having a hard time making that decision,” she added.

The tarot card reader seemed insistent and certain that Ms Chan’s difficult decision would come in about six months from June.

Sylvia Chan, has filed a complaint with a magistrate and several police reports alleging death threats and alleged harassment, among other allegations, her spokesperson said in response to questions from the media on Thursday (October 21st). /TISG

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