Image source: Unsplash / Edz Norton Tarot card readings have become much more accessible these days, which is helpful considering how this generation has reclaimed ancestral spirituality and de-stigmatized tarot. If you don’t want to pay for a private read, there are tons of freebies available on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok,Read More →

Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, and all of a sudden everything that was received last week is cancelled, and we’re playing with a whole new set of rules. The endless mix of hypocrisies and non-sequences in the West, the absurd slogans that change from moment to moment, are bestRead More →

There are many different interpretations of the Two of Cups reverse tarot card, but all agree that it is a sign of discord and discord. Some say it indicates problems in a relationship, while others think it suggests financial or professional problems. Whatever the specific meaning of your particular situation,Read More →

It seems like things aren’t going perfectly in your love life right now. Insecurities, lack of trust, or cheating can affect your relationship. Be more communicative with your partner; a simple conversation can help solve the problem. Focus on organizing and tidying up and structuring your work environment. Appropriate planning,Read More →

CHRIS Daughtry’s daughter-in-law Hannah has shared a tarot card suggesting ‘destructive change’ before her death by homicide. The former American Idol contestant’s 25-year-old stepdaughter was found dead in her Nashville home by police on November 12. 3 Hannah Price was found dead in her Nashville homeCredit: Instagram 3 The tarotRead More →

As told to Sreeparna Mazumder by Mahima Bhatnagar, psychotherapist, practitioner of arts-based therapy and integrative somatic trauma therapy. Bhatnagar is also a tarot card reader. As a psychotherapist, I involve the Indian setting in my practice. For example, Buddhism and Indian psychology offer a lot of information on mental health,Read More →

Singapore – Was the Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) saga about co-founder Sylvia Chan destined? Was it fixed in the stars that she should have her business decisions and corporate behavior publicly exposed for all to see? Well, a tarot card reader seemed to think so. During a tarot card predictionRead More →

JUDGMENT brings with it the idea of ​​right or wrong, a question of where we as people stand on that line. The Judgment card has different meanings depending on how and where you draw it during a reading. 1 The Judgment tarot card represents the day of judgmentCredit: Getty ImagesRead More →

Aries (March 21-April 20) Love: king of coins Mood: Page of Swords Career: Strength A creative brainstorming session with subordinates is likely to prove professionally beneficial. Those looking to strengthen their financial position may come across lucrative investment plans. Voluntarily taking on household responsibilities is likely to make family membersRead More →