Tarot card reader Shradha Salla gets bail in 2016 case | Bombay News

The Mumbai Sessions Court on Monday granted early bail to socialite’s sister Sheetal Mafatlal and tarot card reader Shradha Salla in a case filed against them by their mother in 2016 for alleged trespassing .

Salla and Mafatlal’s mother, Rajani, alleged that her younger daughter Sheetal, Salla and six other people broke into the bungalow, opened the lock and started breaking things. They took with them five to six bags containing valuables and important documents, Rajani said. The incident took place on April 25, 2016, and subsequently a case was registered with Khar police station.

Nearly six years after the case was filed, Salla entered a bail plea before the arrest on July 7, in Sessions Court. Salla’s lawyer had claimed that the prosecution story was completely false, baseless and without any substance.

“The applicant learned after the alleged incident that Sheetal Maftlal had been in the bungalow continuously for more than 20 days and that the police were visiting the bungalow for investigation. There is no connection between the plaintiff and the crime,” Salla argued.

The court, after referring to several documents, observed that Salla’s name had been “inserted at a later time during the report, with an intention better known to the informant”.

“Given the report dated April 26, 2016, the letter dated April 28, 2016, given by an informant to the Khar police, it appears on the face of it that there is no involvement of the applicant in the crime” , we read in the order.

The court, while granting early bail to Salla, noted that she went to the police station as the investigator called her, goes to show the applicant’s intention to cooperate with the ‘investigation.


    Charul Shah is senior reporter covering legal beat for Hindustan Times. She has spent over a decade in the industry covering criminal and judicial investigations in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bengaluru.
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