Tarot card reading from December 5 to 11 for all zodiac signs


Tarot card: The hanged man

Sometimes when routine takes over your life, a change of perspective is needed. While most will not agree with what you desire, you will get a refreshed take on something that was otherwise so mundane. This week you may need to sacrifice what is precious to you for a higher purpose. For example, you might need to dedicate your time that you would otherwise prefer to spend with your friends at a family reunion or an office meeting.


Tarot card: 3 swords

Be careful; otherwise, you could end up with a broken heart. Avoid arguments with those close to you. Take it easy this week, even in your workplace. In the midst of all the emotional turmoil, don’t neglect your health. In fact, go out of your way to pamper yourself and do the things you love. Eat right and stay hydrated.


Tarot card: The magician

It seems like; finally, things will start to fall into place for you. An ideal week for those looking for real estate or investing in the stock market. You will realize that you are endowed with many talents and you will begin to hone your skills to use them to their fullest potential. Your hard work will pay off as you will receive appreciation from unexpected circles.


Tarot card: King of swords

The truths you tell might hurt others, but you better call a spade a spade. A good week for making strategic business decisions. Those interested in higher education must take the plunge. You won’t be in the mood to tolerate anything below average, but be kind to those who don’t have the same intelligent insight and vision as you.


Tarot card: Knight of Cups

With a heart full of love and compassion, you will receive it increased tenfold and move forward all week. A roller coaster of emotions awaits you. Pay attention to your intuition as it will guide you through stressful times. A close family member is likely to reveal hidden secrets. When it comes to work, you won’t be paying much attention, so make sure you finish your tasks on time.


Tarot card: Swords Page

This week is all about learning and educating yourself. You will find yourself reading a lot of books or watching interesting documentaries. Some of you might take a diploma course or learn new things online. You might also be interested in arts and crafts. Professionally expect to be the butt of any stupid mistakes you make, so double check before sending your work to your superiors.


Tarot card: Two of Pentacles

Financial decisions should be made with caution. Do not give or take any type of loan. On the work side, too much will be expected of you, so you will have to pull up your socks. Now is not the time to be lazy or dependent on others. On a personal level, you could face unpleasant surprises. Make a to-do list to avoid confusion.


Tarot card: Ace of Cups

Love in all its glory will have you losing your footing this week. Those who are single might indulge in flirtation. Now is the perfect time for new opportunities, so keep your eyes peeled and listen to your intuition when it comes to work. You’ll be making some plans for the future, so think carefully before you finalize them.


Tarot card: Justice

Those who expect legal results in disputes may finally get the green light in their favor. Professionally, you will be in the midst of office politics as well as some misunderstandings. Someone you trust could use your secrets against you. Be careful not to underestimate those who are in a position inferior to you. A new karmic cycle will begin.

It’s your birthday week: you will have a quiet party with your loved ones. Problems come and go, but it’s your inner strength that will help you overcome them.


Tarot card: 4 cups

With so much going on, all of a sudden you will find yourself receiving a lot more emotions than you expected. It will make you feel bored. It is better for you to concentrate on your work and not to neglect your gifts. At work, you’ll find yourself disliking what you’ve been asked to do and instead want to do what your co-workers are doing.


Tarot card: 5 swords

A difficult week for you. It may or may not go very well for you. Try not to interfere in other people’s problems. Stay for yourself and avoid conflict at all costs. It’s you against the world, so you either have a well-planned fight or back off before you get hurt. Stay away from toxic people and energetic vampires.


Tarot card: 4 swords

You have reached a point of exhaustion from so much work. Take a step back and relax a bit. Your health could be affected if you keep putting your body in uninterrupted overdrive. Sleep is what is needed most, along with a good, healthy diet to restore your energy levels. A day at the spa could benefit you greatly.

Deck used for divination: Radiant wise spirit

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Posted on: Sunday 05 December 2021 at 9:01 am IST