Tarot card readings from October 31 to November 6 for all zodiac signs

RAM: Ace of Pentacles

All of your patience and strength over the past week has paid off. A new door to various career-related opportunities will open. You are likely to take up a new hobby and start a new chapter in your life. Buckle up, it’ll be a roller coaster.

Gemini: 10 baguettes

Gemini: 10 of chopsticks

Have you taken too much on your plate? It’s time to slow down and ask yourself what really matters right now. Only complete the very important tasks and keep the lighter ones for an extra week. Take care of your health.

Cancer: 7 of the Pentacles

Cancer: 7 of Pentacles

It’s time for you to stop dreaming and start working towards your goals if you want to be successful. This week you will have to make a lot of choices, so choose wisely. Now sow the seeds of all the plans you have in mind to achieve fruitful results.

Leo: King of Cups

Lion: the king of cups

You will give a helping hand to those who need it most. However, be sure to take care of yourself as well. You could indulge in the purchase of gadgets or luxury items. Good news is on the way.

Virgin: The devil

Virgo: The Devil

You will be like a child in a candy store. Too many things will attract you at the same time. Stay focused on your goal and stay away from temptation. If you are driving, be careful while driving. Now is a great time to ask yourself if you really want all that sparkles?

Balance: Queen of wands

Libra: queen of wands

You will spend the week honing your skills and honing the art of impressing people with your public speaking skills. Feeding stray animals as well as partnering with an NGO is quite possible. Some of your friends will ask you for advice, which you will gladly give.

Scorpio: Chopsticks Page

Scorpio: Wands Page

A new spark of creativity is just starting to emerge. Travel is likely, so it’s a great chance to collaborate on a creative project with a senior. Try to absorb as much as possible because the knowledge gained here will be useful in your life to come.

It’s your birthday week! Beware of those who are jealous of you. Your close friends will prepare a special surprise for you.

Sagittarius: Wheel of Fortune

Sagittarius: Wheel of Fortune

Luck is on your side. Take it in your stride and move forward with confidence. Now is the best time for you to be successful in your personal and professional game. All your hard work will ultimately not go unnoticed and you will shine among the crowd.

Capricorn: Empress

Capricorn: The Empress

You will spend this week indulging in luxury, pampering and pampering yourself. Your aura and energy will attract the right kind of people. Walking in the open air or exploring nature will be of great benefit to you.

Aquarius: The world

Aquarius: the world

What goes around comes around. You will see a cycle of events complete. Traveling abroad or a new love interest is likely to bring joy to your life. On the career side, you could get a raise or a promotion. The world is your shell; go rule it.

Pisces: Swords Page

Pisces: Swords Page

This week will be all about learning for you. Whether it’s life lessons or literally studying for an exam, take your time but practice whatever you’re taught. It is advisable to seek the knowledge of a respectable master. Don’t rush into any decisions.

Deck used for divination: The Tarot of the Green Witch

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Posted on: Sunday October 31, 2021 05:51 AM IST