Tarot reading from December 19 to December 25 for all signs of the zodiac


Tarot : The hanged man

This week, avoid making major resolutions because the energy that dominates your zodiac sign is indecision and sacrifice. At work, you might feel stuck with nothing new to do. However, use this time to try something out of the box. Your personal relationships could undergo a huge change, so avoid any kind of conflict with your loved ones.


Tarot : 4 of Pentacles

Do you wish to control the outcome of everything around you, be it work or love? This card is a slight warning to avoid such behavior. While it’s good to keep your wealth, don’t turn away someone who is truly in need. Some people might challenge you to work on your trust issues.


Tarot : Lovers

You will experience an intense connection with another person. It can be romantic or spiritual in nature. Those in a relationship can get married or work to strengthen their bond. You might be biased towards someone at work, so make sure you don’t mix up your personal and professional life.


Tarot : queen of swords

You will listen to your mind rather than your heart this week. Your wisdom will help you dodge many “bullets” at work or when dealing with nosy family members. Your friends may turn to you for good advice and they won’t be disappointed. However, remember to ask yourself why aren’t you listening to your heart?


Tarot : 9 of swords

Are you guilty of something? Do you wish you could change the course of fate? Remember, whatever happens happens for a reason, so don’t let fear and guilt clog your thought process. Focus on leading a healthy lifestyle and most importantly make sure you don’t have an irregular sleep pattern. You will learn new things by observing nature.


Tarot : 6 of swords

You will very gently walk away from something or someone that no longer serves your higher good. Feelings of sadness and pain may persist for some time. Talk to your family or a trusted friend for pain relief. Remember, time is the best healer. You might have a strong urge to quit your job or find a new job. Travel is possible.


Tarot : king of cups

You need to practice a lot of patience because those around you might not be very understanding. You will reflect on your definition of love and become nostalgic for all the times you fell in love. At work, you might impress everyone with your dedication to a task. Avoid excessive drinking.


Tarot : 7 chopsticks

It’s you against the world this week. You will have to take a stand for yourself. If someone is bullying or harassing you, it’s time to say, “Enough!” Your recent victory over a situation has made a few people jealous. They will try everything in their power to make sure you don’t enjoy your success. Stay strong and be kind.


Tarot : Pentacles Page

Do you want to learn a new language or a new musical instrument? This is the week to take that big leap of faith and finally start what you’ve been longing for. Many of you could join a gym or take painting classes as well. If you’ve already tackled your passion projects, be sure to hone your skills.


Tarot : 7 of swords

Has someone you know broken your trust? Are your ideas stolen? Beware this week. There is a chance that you have the last word by giving back what you have. However, before doing so, consider with a rational mind whether it is worth it. Keep an eye on your actions so you don’t hurt others.


Tarot : The unknown card

Welcome to a blank page. This is your chance to write your own destiny. Let your intuition guide you to what seems hazy or unclear at the moment. Seek divine intervention for a situation that doesn’t seem to make sense at all. Some of you might learn the occult.


Tarot : 8 chopsticks

A key issue that has been stressing you out for some time will be resolved. Communication is vital to getting things done. At work, expect a raise or a small win over someone who was playing unfairly. Use the internet to gain new knowledge about modern technology. You might have a visitor from abroad or plan a trip for yourself.

Game used for divination: Crystal Visions Tarot

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Posted: Sunday December 19th 2021, 07:10 IST