Tarot reading from January 16 to January 22, 2022 for all signs of the zodiac


Tarot : 6 of swords

Emotional heaviness will make you realize what serves you for your highest good and what does not. It’s okay to walk away from toxic people or situations that drain you. Some of you may experience a breakup with your partner, while others may quit your job. Lean on those you trust, for this too shall pass.


Tarot : 4 cups

If you don’t channel your energy the right way this week, you’ll end up getting too bored with everything around you. Those who are already in a relationship can be solicited by another person. Some of you need to check if you are drinking too much. Learn to share what you have in abundance with those who have nothing.


Tarot : Carriage

Finally! A positive card for you after age! Travel plans, even if local, could be made. Something that has been bothering you for a while will be resolved. Your family will encourage you to be your best. If there are plans for a meeting, you will end up being the star of the evening.


Tarot : 2 of Pentacles

There’s a saying penny wise but pound stupid, and it applies to you this week. It’s good to be generous but not show-off. In order to be seen a certain way by certain people, you might overspend, which is not a good idea this week. Be cautious about health issues.


Tarot : 5 of swords

Do you feel like you’ve won a battle of wits? Did you get what you wanted, even if it was by unfair means? Or do you feel aggrieved or cornered by someone? This week will be a time of reflection and contemplation on the correctness of your decision. At work, you might take over a situation.


Tarot : the hermit

You will turn to yourself and avoid people this week. Meditation is the key to taking stock of the situation. Despite your unwavering determination to stay away from the hustle and bustle, those seeking answers to burning questions will turn to you for guidance. Please don’t disappoint them.


Tarot : 5 cups

An emotionally charged week, you will have to overcome the grief that lies dormant within you. Whether it’s a recently deceased loved one or a pet, try to think of them fondly. Light a candle, say a prayer in their sweet memory. Also, know that you did everything you could to keep a friendship from falling apart.


Tarot : 8 chopsticks

This week will be very powerful for you. A new job, a new romantic trip or just enjoying conversation with your favorite people will make you happy. Use the Internet to build professional relationships. Travel is likely, so stop being lazy and get ready for a new adventurous journey!


Tarot : 7 of swords

Someone stole your credit at work or someone close to you betrayed? Or are you trying to steal the show from someone more deserving than you? These are the questions you need to force yourself to face and answer honestly. Take care of your belongings and do not leave your gadgets or important items unattended.


Tarot : knight of wands

Maybe also swipe right on dating apps? It’s time for you to look in the mirror and see what damage these meaningless adventures are causing you and the hurt and pain you are causing others through your not-so-stable intentions. A tough week for relationships; buckle up because it will be a bumpy ride.


Tarot : ace of cups

Your heart is filled with so much love that it will overflow. Singles can be introduced to someone special. Those who are already in a relationship will nurture their loved ones with the abundance of true love. You may also end up getting a raise or a new job offer – all in all a great week for you.


Tarot : 9 chopsticks

Throw away all your worries as they could lead to health issues. Avoid lifting heavy objects. Pay special attention to your bone and joint health. On the job side, say no to tasks you know you won’t enjoy. If possible, take time to do things you enjoy. Avoid people who make you feel insecure.

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Posted: Sunday January 16th 2022, 07:10 IST