Tarot reading from March 21 to March 27, 2022 for all signs of the zodiac


Tarot : 9 of swords

You will face mentally taxing energy. You are expected to release what no longer serves you because a new beginning awaits you. This new beginning forces you to take risks and trust the universe that everything will eventually work out for you. It’s time to collaborate with your loved ones and take advantage of their support during this time.


Tarot : the ace of wands

You may have felt exhausted or about to give up on something because you’ve been waiting for it to materialize for a long time. Wait a little, because a blessing awaits you. There will be exciting and creative new beginnings. It is time for you to act. You will finally feel satisfied and content, especially towards the end of the week. Be sure to rest well during the intervals.


Tarot : 2 chopsticks

You have to make a decision and choose between two options. However, take time this week to wait and reflect before taking the final call. Your commitment to the choices will be tested. However, once you have made your choice, you will feel satisfied and your life will begin to move rapidly in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to take a path that is untested or new to you.


Tarot : Justice

You will think too much about certain aspects of your life. Your mind will be full of ideas. There is a war between the head and the heart. Remember to keep the next five to ten years in mind before moving forward with any project or decision. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons and try to keep a balanced perspective. Practice grounding and yoga to stay calm and steady.


Tarot : 10 of Pentacles

This is going to be a very successful week! Enjoy this victorious period with your family and friends. There may be a celebration among you. You should bask in the attention and appreciation available to you. The seeds you sowed months ago will bear fruit now. Your patience will finally be rewarded. Don’t stop here. There is great energy to attract much greater opportunities and success.


Tarot : King of Pentacles

This is a powerful week for you Virgo! You will be in your element. There are many victories and successes to come. Financial issues will be resolved. You will regain your strength and confidence. You should accept all the appreciation that awaits you. People can ask your opinion. You will remain stable and calm even during the difficulties. Make the most of this positive time.


Tarot : Ace of Pentacles

Financial matters will be important this week. You may receive new financial opportunities in the form of a job, a new project, a raise or a promotion. You must firmly believe that you are more than capable of taking on additional responsibilities. Invest in all prospects only for the long term during this period, be it career or love. Any sudden and unexpected change will turn out to be positive. Trust the detours.


Tarot : 7 of swords

Protect your belongings and belongings this week. Don’t take people at face value. Read all documents carefully before signing any contract or agreement. There will be unexpected and sudden changes. If there are losses, the Universe will make up for them in the long run. It’s a good time to focus on your mental and physical health. You can opt for special healing programs.


Tarot : 10 cups

This will be a very fulfilling week on an emotional level for you, Sagittarius! Spend time with your family and friends. There will be a lot of love around you. People will find you attractive during this time. You will be full of confidence and creative spirit. It’s time to be bold and step out of your comfort zone. You seek independence and you will get it. Make the most of this auspicious week.


Tarot : 3 of swords

You may have suffered from a heart attack recently. You will feel vulnerable and your feelings may seem overwhelming. It’s time to overcome your fears and take care of yourself. It can force you to slow down and do things that make you happy. Even small things will make a big difference in improving your mood.


Tarot : The hanged man

Feel free to take a break from your routine to think and reflect. You will come up with ideas that will be better than the original plans. Home issues will be important. You may also feel like staying home, resting, cooking, and spending quality time alone or with a loved one. Be patient until next week when your confidence, strength and energy will return.


Tarot : queen of cups

It’s a very auspicious period and take advantage of it! You will be surrounded by loving energy. You can expect a romantic proposal. Good time to date or meet that special someone. You will be very sensitive, intuitive, gentle and understanding this week. Don’t be afraid to show your true self to the world. Creators will greatly benefit from this period.

White Sage Tarot Deck

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Posted: Monday 21st March 2022, 06:00 IST