Tarot reading from October 24 to October 30, 2022 for all signs of the zodiac

Ram: Tarot : six of swords

Again this week, you are being asked to slow down and focus on your sleep and rest schedule. Rest will give you more energy and vitality. Try to calm your emotions and get some peace and solitude. Use this time to set your intentions and write down the wishes you want to manifest in your life. There will be a forward movement in love and relationships. You can expect more frequent communication in romantic relationships. It’s a good week for your finances and your financial decisions.

Bull: Tarot : seven of wands

Dear Taurus, you are going to feel very confident this week. You will make it your duty to support your decisions and opinions with strength and courage. Your vision is very clear right now and you will not allow anyone to stand in the way of your goals. It is a favorable period for those who wish to travel. At work, be sure to get to the bottom of your projects and seek out more information. Your social life could become very busy. You may have to juggle your finances and wait to make important financial decisions.

Gemini: Tarot : nine of swords

This could be another tough week, dear Gemini. Overall energy can feel dull and sluggish. Use this time to heal mentally and physically. Those with health issues should check for stomach and digestive issues. Don’t fight the changes that are happening in your life right now. Go with the flow and focus on the positives. Avoid too much social interaction. At work, this week is conducive to completing important tasks that were pending. Some of you might be closing old love chapters and moving towards a new relationship.

Cancer: Tarot : three of swords

Dear Cancerians, this week could be rather difficult, however, you will emerge victorious. Work and career will occupy most of your time and energy. Your light will shine and people will especially notice your talents. Your dreams and desires need a practical plan now. Pay close attention to detail. Your intuition will be there. You must embrace and trust its wisdom. Channel calm energy by spending time in solitude. Acknowledge your struggles and show some self-compassion as you see how far you’ve come.

Leo: Tarot : wands page

Dear Lions, you will feel energized and energized this week. You will come into your power and be motivated to start new projects. Your communication skills will be sharpened. However, remember, this week ‘Slow and Steady is winning the race’. You might face minor challenges at work. Listen and learn, try to get out of your comfort zone. Diversify and reinforce your weaknesses. Personal relationships will be positive and happy during this time. Make the most of this week.

Virgin: Tarot : five of cups

This week, you are being asked to stay strong without worrying too much about blockages in your path. You are given ambition, will and strength to take a stand and support your decisions. Stop looking into the past and thinking about the problems and mistakes that have happened. Now is a good time to focus on small but important tasks that require attention to detail. Learn new skills and explore new territories without fear. This is a favorable time for your home and your family life.

Libra: tarot card: two of swords

Dear Libra, this week you are going to be plagued with doubts and questions. Fear of stepping out of your comfort zone will cause you to overthink things. You need to have confidence in yourself when it comes to making decisions. Lots of socializing is on the cards. Your environment can be very chaotic. Calls, texts and messages will be a major distraction. Channel peace and calm by taking breaks. Even your personal life can be demanding. Be sure to pay attention to your speech with your loved ones.

Scorpio: Tarot : The hanged man

All in all, it’s been a great week for you, Dear Scorpios. Pay attention to the finer details and plan well at the beginning of the week. At first, you may take some time to regroup and build your strengths, but the energy will pick up mid-week. You will feel emotionally confident and ready to take risks to achieve your dreams. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. With the birthday month approaching, you are closing old chapters and starting new ones on a strong note. It’s time to release any negativity you hold inside. Make the most of this very intuitive period, your emotional depth and maturity will be your greatest strength.

Sagittarius: Tarot : Two of chopsticks

Work and finances will be an important part of your life this week. You will be blessed with many ideas, but you need a practical plan to make things work successfully. You will be endowed with a lot of wisdom and skills to advance in your career. It’s a great time for your finances and you can expect to build long-term financial stability. Travel is on the cards for many of you. Unleash your kinder self this week and be of service to others.

Capricorn: Tarot : The High Priestess

Take time away from people and chaos this week. You will be sensitive, intuitive and craving solitude. Detox from social media or over-communication. Breaking away from the constant stimulation will give you a lot of clarity of thought and direction in life. You will need a lot of patience to get through this period. Don’t aim for perfection, just go with the flow. You may decide to get rid of unnecessary clutter in your environment.

Aquarius: Tarot : Six of Pentacles

This week, balancing your work and personal life properly can take skill, practice, and planning. You may need to address some emotional issues which may prove to be a new and difficult experience. Aquarians are very intelligent, however, they are not naturally inclined to handle delicate and sensitive emotional situations. Solving an emotional problem with openness and maturity is an area of ​​growth and learning. This period can also push you to deal with nostalgia and things from your past.

Pisces: Tarot : ten of swords

It’s going to be a pretty tough week. You may have to juggle and manage multiple responsibilities and your mind will be overactive. It’s time to leave behind or break away from a painful situation for a better start in your life. Be proud of how far you’ve come. Take some time in solitude and look at the big picture/long term future. This difficult temporary phase may be just a small mark in your overall journey.

White Sage Tarot Deck

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