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As its name suggests, the Temperance card in a tarot deck represents balance and harmony both internally and externally. The appearance of this card in your spread indicates that it’s time to look within and thank yourself for creating healthy stability or to re-evaluate the areas in which you feel off. Read on to understand what temperance represents, its upright and reverse meanings, and the card’s yes and no associations.

Description and Symbolism of the Temperance Card

The Temperance card depicts an androgynous angel with large, powerful wings pouring water from one chalice into another. The angel stands with one foot in the water and another on the shore. Behind them is a winding path that leads to a glowing crown on the horizon.

Many things appear in sets of two on this card: two wings, two cups, and two irises blooming behind the angel. This number represents balance. The position of the angel’s two feet also shows that they are grounded while allowing the flow of life to pass through them.

The look of tranquility on the angel’s face shows that they have found peace with this truth. The path behind them leading to the crown represents the journey to enlightenment. However, before they can embark on this path, the angel knows that they must establish harmony and stability within themselves.

Temperance Meaning Standing

When Temperance is vertical in your spread, chances are you’re in a balanced state or on the way to it. Either way, this firmness within yourself will provide you with what you need to reach a high state of life and help others to do the same. The glowing crown reminds you to always strive for that goal and stay true to your higher purpose.

Reverse meaning of temperance

When reversed, temperance may indicate the need to reset. Maybe you’ve been living to excess or taking on more than you can handle. This card reminds you to be patient and take time to stabilize yourself. After all, you need a solid foundation to meet life’s challenges.

Yes and No Temperance Associations

Temperance does not fit neatly into the rigid binary of yes or no questions. On the contrary, it encourages you to pause, do an internal reading of yourself, and come to your senses before continuing. Be patient and give yourself time for introspection. Avoid rushing, ignoring feelings of discomfort, and opening new doors before closing old ones.