The Sun Tarot Card invites you to embrace your inner child

Although The Sun is one of the well-known tarot cards, many may not realize the depth of its symbolism and just how much of a message – or warning – it can send to you. With its planetary ruler clearly being the sun – which represents who you are and your sense of self in astrology – this chart taps into your inner self and inner child. On the other hand, this card can bring to light things that you may have hidden unconsciously.

The Sun is a card of truth that will help set you free and allow you to welcome the world with a childlike sense of joviality and curiosity. Read on to better understand what the Sun symbolizes, the meaning of its upright and inverted positions, and its yes and no associations.

The description and symbolism of the sun

The Sun represents a child mounted on a calm white horse. The child’s arms are outstretched, ready to embrace the world, while the horse is firm and gentle. This image represents the union of the wisdom that comes with age and a youthful enthusiasm for the world. Behind them, a sun shines, illuminating the scene and helping to grow four sunflowers.

The Sun is the 19th card of the Major Arcana, following directly behind The Moon, which often represents disillusion, deception, and the unknown. But no matter how dark the night, a dawn always comes to illuminate the Earth and the shadows. Through sunlight, all life is able to grow and flourish.

The meaning of the standing sun

When the sun is straight in your spread, joy, warmth, vitality, youth, and enlightenment are at your fingertips. You’re probably tapping into your inner childish zeal and blending it with the knowledge you’ve acquired over the years. This combination is the perfect match for a fulfilling life in which you are in tune with your Higher Self.

The Sun in a vertical position indicates that you are strongly connected to your determination and that nothing can stop you. You have reached a place where, like the sun, you are able to spread these positive vibes to others. Those around you are grateful for your presence and enjoy basking in your glow.

The reverse meaning of the sun

When the Sun is reversed, it can mean that you are accepting a hard-to-swallow truth. To be more precise, it mainly refers to your outlook on life that you currently possess.

The first is a perspective of pessimism and defeat. You may experience a frustrating delay, a damaged sense of enthusiasm, or a disconnection from your inner child. The second is a lens of excessive egotism. Be careful not to overestimate yourself or take on more than you can actually handle. Either way, The Sun brings with it the advice to look at your life through a realistic lens.

A bad perspective is very different from a bad reality. The upside down Sun is here to warn you ahead of time Actually take a wrong turn. Although it can be a scary process, know that it is always better to live in truth than in deception or ignorance.

The Sun Association Yes/No

If you are looking for a quick message or a bit of advice, you can also consult your tarot deck for that. The sun appearing in your broadcast is an affirmative yes to your questions and an invitation to have a bright and fresh view of whatever you are inquiring about. The Sun is telling you to say “yes” to celebrations, socializing, and reconnecting with your inner child. However, in order to maintain your zest for life, the Sun card urges you to say “no” to bragging, complaining, or taking things too seriously.