TikTok tarot card readings fuel false hope | Opinion

(Christina Lavapie/Daily Titan)

A shimmering crystal ball sits next to a deck of tarot cards laid out in a TikTok video. Each mystical card promises to predict the dark fortunes of emotionally invested viewers. An admirer has become bewitched by your charming presence. An old flame is rekindled. A prosperous career promising wealth is within reach. All in exchange for likes, shares, and claiming the good energy emanating from these supposed psychic readings meant only for you.

But those high hopes crumble when viewers believe every inaccurate detail spewed out of the mouths of tarot card readers on social media. TikTok users are not miraculously scrolling through tarot readings by fateful coincidence, but because of devious algorithms. These users are being misled, constantly liking tarot card reading videos, thereby shaping the Tiktok algorithm and fueling a loophole of eye-catching content.

These quick 15-second to three-minute tarot readings, where a deck of picture cards are used to predict the future, can damage the public’s mental health. By asking users to indulge in snippets that resonate with them or interact with the video to claim fortune, most TikTok tarot readings are only seeking more audience to gain popularity rather than offering honest readings. It’s a cheap fix – basically, the tarot reader is warning viewers, “If something doesn’t apply to you, ignore it.” These tarot card reading tarot cards instill harmful mindsets in the users as their wishes lead to obsessions and despair.

Users are engrossed in generalized readings such as “they’ll be back when it’s time”, “they’re thinking of you but too scared to take the first step” or “they know they screwed up, but they’re too scared to apologize .” However, internalizing tarot card readings can backfire.These superficial and broad readings could likely create false closure or trigger reinvestment in a toxic relationship.

It might seem like fate when a video with millions of views pops up on your feed and spells out your exact situation and tells you what you need to hear. But, these videos are not personalized by spiritual chance.

These mesmerizing tarot card reading videos are looking for influence. Trending tags, such as #tarotreading, #psychicreading, and #witchtok, continue to grow in popularity. As users obsessively interact with tarot videos with similar tags, the more frequently the videos appear on their feed. It’s no coincidence that three tarot readings appear as impersonators on TikTok’s For You page; it’s the algorithm.

With one billion users and 63% of them under the age of 29, young audiences can learn unhealthy coping mechanisms through fake tarot readings. TikTok tarot readers need to be more aware of their audience who can experience a whirlwind of emotions. Although some tarot readers become opportunistic towards discouraged users, every point should be taken with a grain of salt.

TikTok shouldn’t be at fault and neither should users. There is no need to blame technology for humanity’s seemingly erratic social behavior. However, Tiktok tarot card readers who constantly exploit their audience and persuade high engagement, foster a deceptive spiritual platform that disillusions users.

While it’s tempting to hear what your twin flame might be thinking, or if your best friend wants to apologize, virtual tarot readings aren’t to be trusted. They promote unhealthy visions for invested users, persuading them to manifest the desired person.

The reliance on deceptive TikTok tarot card readers to predict the fate or fate of users is unsatisfactory. Instead, if users are determined to find out their expectations for the future, they should either contact a local tarot card reader or take the initiative to learn how to interpret tarot cards.

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TikTok’s viral algorithms have no say in your fate, only fate has it.