Weekly tarot card reading for each zodiac sign, July 18-24, 2022

Welcome to the one-card tarot reading for the week of July 18-24, 2022 for each zodiac sign in astrology.

This week brings us a very simple look at our current lives.

There’s no word hashing this time around; there are cold, hard facts, and the sooner we look at them, the sooner we can get past them.

This week is full of lessons, and it will be as educational as it is humbling.

Interestingly enough, this week isn’t so much about love and romance as it is about greed, attachment, and self-centered behavior.

“I’m only human” is no longer a good excuse, because being only human is also the perfect stepping stone to a more enlightened way of life.

There are no excuses this week; if we blow it up, we pay. End of the conversation.

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There’s nothing here that doesn’t have a cost, and we’ll learn that through many different lessons that run through several different topics.

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The cards reveal that this week is here to show us what we can get away with and what we absolutely can’t, and shouldn’t even try. This is a first-rate reality check, and we all need to pay close attention to our actions and how they affect those around us.

Weekly tarot card reading for each zodiac sign, July 18-24, 2022


(March 21 – April 19)

Tarot : Four of Pentacles

This week, you hold tight to what’s yours and are happy that it ended up being yours in the first place. Although your feelings are very materialistic in nature this week, you are nevertheless attached to these elements, which can include both physical and intellectual possessions.

Your week is all about cherishing what you have while figuring out how to maintain your hold on those things because you fear they will be taken away from you.

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(April 20 – May 20)

Tarot : Nine of Wands, reversed

In a fit of laziness, you told yourself you could get away with something, and it turns out that this week, you won’t be able to get away with anything.

Maybe you left something hanging; you didn’t forget it, but you put it aside and it started to create a bad situation at work or at home.

This week you cleaned up the mess you made by ignoring the work you needed to do. It’s not tragic, but it’s messy.

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(May 21 – June 20)

Tarot : The Empress

This week makes you feel like something inevitable is about to happen. You’re feeling pangs of acceptance, and that’s honestly the best way to go about it.

Understand that your immense efforts are about to pay off, but you need to be wise about your next move.

It’s a good week to prepare yourself for what could happen to you. You feel creative and strong; take your time to make your week fruitful.

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(June 21 – July 22)

Tarot : The Hierophant

This week will show you that marriage or partnership might not be all that screwed up.

Whatever relationship you find yourself in, you will see the downsides. It won’t be harmful, but it will open your eyes.

You will understand the true meaning of “give and take” when it comes to romance.

The overall feel of the week is positive, but that positivity comes from accepting what is real within the confines of your partnership.

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(July 23 – August 22)

Tarot : Ace of Swords, reversed

You’re not leaving this week without making a statement, and chances are you’re so over the top about how you’re doing this that you’ll leave plenty of hurt people in your wake.

You are energetic and insistent this week and you are seen as a tyrant who cannot control his actions.

Just because you believe in something doesn’t mean you have to force others to buy into it.

Live and let live, Leo. Don’t force people to see things your way.

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(August 23 – September 22)

Tarot : seven of wands

It’s a great week to figure out what stays and what goes.

You feel you need a change, which must be materialistic and literal.

Your mind is sharp and you’re ready to tackle intense ideas, but you’re also well aware that you need to start saving money to build something for yourself in the future.

Someone may try to distract you from your ideas, but you will remain calm, knowing that only you know what is good for you.

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(September 23 – October 22)

Tarot : Six of Pentacles, reversed

You will earn money this week, which may be due to an inheritance or a lawsuit in your favor.

Your full attention is required to ensure that all that is due reaches you.

This week will bring you relief and some headaches regarding financial affairs, even if everything here shows that everything is turning in your favor.

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(October 23 – November 21)

Tarot : The devil

For something you believe in, you will fight with all the ferocity your body can hold.

You are a love warrior this week, and even though it may not look so loving, your moves are made to save someone or help them save themselves.

You are a good friend, but your methods are harsh and violent.

In the name of love, you will fight very, very hard. Will you win? There is no promise of that.

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(22 November – 21 December)

Tarot : Four of Wands, inverted

It’s a very beautiful week for you, because this card represents you doing what you love the most.

Since you have a creative streak, you will find yourself surrounded by artistic things and good ideas.

Focus on creative input; you can change your home decor or start a fun new hobby.

You get what you want this week: solitude and cunning maneuvers.

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(December 22 – January 19)

Tarot : The world

You are in an excellent position this week, Capricorn, each of your plans is destined to come true.

You will receive praise and kindness for your efforts, and you will feel inspired to continue your good work.

Don’t be surprised if you receive a round of applause from co-workers and people in authority.

You have done a great job and deserve the praise you will receive.

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(January 20 – February 18)

Tarot : Wands page, reversed

Expect anxiety this week due to peer pressure. It can also include gossip that you might find upsetting.

Try to avoid getting too involved in other people’s business and don’t give advice to people who aren’t ready to listen to you.

Use your discretion during the week regarding who you engage with. Choose your battles wisely, as they say.

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(February 19 – March 20)

Tarot : Tower

This week shows you the power of lies and how destructive they can be. If you lied to someone, you could be considered untrustworthy and your lie will expose you.

This truth, of course, is horrible news for you, and it brings you back to reality.

This is your great lesson, and you must assimilate it. Lies only create more lies. The good part is that the truth will set you free once your life is revealed.

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