Weekly Tarot Card Reading Horoscope, April 25, 2022

You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your sun sign! Here’s what I do: shuffle my tarot deck and take out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus a general card for everyone so you can get specific advice on your personality. Let’s go!


Property of Hearst

When you think about it, what do we really have to lose? Always worth a try! The Page of Wands gives us all “nothing to lose!” energy this week, so use it to attempt something worthwhile, fun, and rewarding. If that doesn’t work or you don’t like it, then, well, move on to the next thing.


the tarot card the page of cups, showing a goblet of gold next to a hand

Property of Hearst

It’s definitely the right week to start a new hobby. The Page of Cups steers you towards something imaginative and awe-inspiring, something beyond the everyday. Tarot reading? Dungeons and Dragons? Lucid dreaming? What catches your eye in the realm of the supernatural or esoteric this week? This is the week to dip your toe in the spiritual waters, Aries.


the Eight of Swords tarot card, showing eight golden pens lined up behind two eyes

Property of Hearst

You’re known for being stubborn, but people only say that because they’re not analytical enough to change your mind! They don’t appreciate the deep thought you’ve already gone through to arrive at your opinions. But this week, Taurus, the Eight of Swords shows that you need to re-examine your point of view. You are projecting something onto yourself onto something, or someone else. Be open to changing your mind.


the Hierophant tarot card, showing half of a woman's face next to a diamond

Property of Hearst

You’re notoriously sociable, but you’re just as happy to be alone. Other people can slow you down or get in your way. Gemini, The Hierophant tells you that this week you will do best when you work with others, for others. Give your precious time and energy to something bigger than you. He will feel good.


the Three Swords tarot card, showing three golden pens behind a heart-shaped diamond

Property of Hearst

Someone hurt you. What are you going to do about it? The Three of Swords has an idea: Remove the source of this pain and anguish from your life. Get away, get away, go! Drive them out of your life, and the pain will fade and you can heal. Everything will start to move into the past, where you can deal with it safely from a distance. Don’t stay in this messy situation any longer, it will only hurt you more.


the Five Pentacles tarot card, showing five golden clocks set on a green full moon

Property of Hearst

Lion, look up and look ahead! Stop looking at the past or you’ll end up stuck there. What’s done is done, and it’s time to move on. The Five of Pentacles shows that you have suffered a loss or setback. It was painful and made you lose your balance. The Five of Pentacles also reminds you that we are all going through this and you are not alone. Others want to help! Let them in. And keep moving forward, not backward.


the High Priestess tarot card, showing the lower half of a black woman's face with red lipstick and diamond earrings with a full moon behind her

Property of Hearst

The High Priestess is a wonderful card that reassures you that all the right answers lie within (you knew that!). So how do you find them? Meditate, take mindful walks, keep a journal, seek advice, and spend lots of time thinking. During this week, you will have a revelation and everything will become crystal clear.


the devil tarot card, showing two hands making devil horns over slightly smiling lips in a starry sky

Property of Hearst

Wow, the devil, Libra! What have you done ? You’re no stranger to temptation, and you’re surprisingly good at rationalizing your actions. The devil is a little red flag that something has to give. You know, deep down, that this has to change, and you’re almost ready to give up this bad habit. It’s time to let go.


the tarot card the ace of swords, showing a hand holding a gold pen

Property of Hearst

No one is on as good terms with the truth as you, Scorpio, though others never know because you rarely reveal anything ~deep~ about yourself. The Ace of Swords urges you to reveal certain truths to people who need to hear them. Be prepared for them to share a few of their own, and some of them might hurt or surprise you. Did you think you were the only one with secrets? Not so. Get ready for revelations, discussions, challenges and finally, a breakthrough.


the Queen of Wands tarot card, showing a golden key surrounded by diamond crowns

Property of Hearst

The Queen of Wands is a nice card for you. She represents the best of your fire sign traits: drive, adventure, warmth, confidence, inspiration, and fun. All of these attributes will flow freely through you this week, and you should make good use of them. Challenge yourself. Make it something meaningful and personal, something positive and rewarding. Go on an adventure!


the tarot card the Six of Pentacles, showing six golden clocks falling from one hand to the other

Property of Hearst

You hate laziness and entitlement, so you’re usually not the first to be super generous. You are not stingy, just careful. You respect people who go their own way, just like you. However, the Six of Pentacles asks you to take a different look at selflessness this week. It is not just the individual you are helping, but the whole karmic concession. You store positivity to be returned to you, in another way, later. Giving is not a one-way street. So give.


the king of swords tarot card, showing a golden pen in front of a collage of a star-shaped diamond, a full moon and a circular card

Property of Hearst

You have a lot in common with the king of swords, Aquarius. You are intelligent, worldly, innovative and progressive all at the same time. You think deeply, look to the future, and always strive to achieve a better position. This mindset is the way to go when you’re struggling with anything messy this week. You need your cool perspective and logical mind to untangle the threads, make sense of them, and put them back together.


the sun tarot card, showing a single eye in the middle of a star-shaped diamond

Property of Hearst

The Sun is the most positive card in the tarot, and I’m so happy to see it appear for you Pisces, you deserve it! Expect romance, joy, success, and all kinds of good things to come your way this week. Be confident, set yourself on the path to success and try your luck. Everything will be paid. Put yourself in the right place at the right time, and the sun will shine on you!

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