Weekly tarot card reading horoscope by sign, July 4, 2022

You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your sun sign! Here’s what I do: shuffle my tarot deck and take out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus a general card for everyone so you can get specific advice on your personality. Let’s go!


Property of Hearst

The Moon is bringing mystery, secrecy, and illusion to our world this week, although in fact (spoiler) they were already here. The only difference is that now you notice their presence. Pay attention to your instincts this week. To ask questions. Be curious. What you discover is likely to be very interesting and useful, and may affect your future. Don’t make any major moves until you have all the information.


the Nine of Cups tarot card, showing nine cups arranged over a pair of eyes like a crown

Property of Hearst

There’s a wish-come-true energy around you this week, Aries! Continue your lucky streak. If you move in the direction of your goals, you can really make things happen. Be the firestarter that you naturally are (but not literally!). Better yet, put ~credit~ in the “karma bank” and be kind to others as well. Your kindness is always appreciated and it will be rewarded at some point.


ace of cups tarot card

Property of Hearst

Looking for a new romance, Taurus? One of them may come to you with the Ace of Cups, perhaps with a passionate water sign (Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio). You’ve been flirting for a while, so this week expect some sexual chemistry and romance. How funny! If you’re already happily attached, then take this card as a boost to create a wonderful date night for your other half. Rekindle the passion and enjoy what you have together.


knight of the sword tarot card

Property of Hearst

It’s time to put on your emotional armor, Gemini. Don’t just “wait and see”. It’s time to be direct, assertive, and clear about what you want, why, when, and how. Be your boss and gather support for your program. It will all be worth it, but you need powerful Knight of Swords energy to make it work.


the tarot card of the world, showing collage style eyes encircling a round diamond

Property of Hearst

The World is a card of power. It is the final tarot card and therefore a symbol of success, accomplishment and a cycle coming to fruition…meaning that a new one is about to begin to take shape and form. Recognize where you are currently in terms of the cycles in your life. What ends, what is halfway and what emerges? Notice and appreciate this activity and this opportunity, and enjoy them for what they are.


the sun tarot card, showing a single eye in the middle of a star-shaped diamond

Property of Hearst

The Sun is your sign’s tarot card, so this week should be personally fulfilling and successful. The Sun amplifies the natural strengths of your sign: your confidence, joy, warmth, passion, and love. So, embrace your best self this week and step into the spotlight (your favorite place!). It’s time to shine as bright as possible, because you will attract new opportunities and new rewarding people. You are a success magnet, Leo.


five of wands tarot card

Property of Hearst

Just try to get through this week in one piece, Virgo. Trust that any skirmishes or squalls you encounter will not last long and should not be amplified or prolonged longer than necessary. Don’t take the bait! The Five of Wands shows that you may need to exercise a little caution as tempers unravel around you. It’s not your fight, so don’t get sucked into it. Just exercise your natural tact and move on.


three of cups tarot card

Property of Hearst

Get ready to party, Libra, because happy Three of Cups gives you permission to do it all! Life should be fun, right? It’s not always the case, I know, but right now it should. Make this week a celebration of all the best things in your world right now. Prioritize the people, places, and activities that bring you pure joy. Revel in your successes. Life is Beautiful.


five of cups tarot card

Property of Hearst

You hide your pain so well, Scorpio. No one would notice that you’re still lingering over an old wound that you’re mending this week. Maybe that should tell you something. Maybe it’s not a wound you should pick yet. Let him heal. Why not? What is done is done. It’s finish. The Five of Cups warns that continuing to dwell on past events only leads to festering sadness or resentment. You don’t need that emotional weight. Decide to free him. Let it heal completely.


the tarot card the knight of cups, showing a hand holding a goblet of gold

Property of Hearst

Have fun, Sag! (As if you need to say it twice!) The Knight of Cups brings friendship, adventure, fun, and entertainment into your life this week, perhaps in the form of a romantic interest or a love affair. a new friend (perhaps a water sign: Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio). Let this new person pull you into their world, show you the sights, and introduce you to new vibes, places, and ideas. Others broaden our horizons when we let them.


three wands tarot card

Property of Hearst

Red alert, Cap. Something big is coming your way, but you need to be sharp enough to spot the opportunity and proactive enough to jump on it first. Ready? Good. The Three of Wands indicates a fleeting but rewarding opportunity, floating like a dandelion flower, waiting to be captured. If not, it evaporates. Don’t miss this one, okay?


the tarot card the page of cups, showing a goblet of gold next to a hand

Property of Hearst

Creativity is your friend this week, Aquarius, so indulge in practices that exercise your artistry and imagination. The Page of Cups is wide-eyed in wonder at the world around him. He aspires to learn, to see, to explore and to experience life and to create magical memories. Go out and creatively record your adventures. It’s the way of life right now.


ten of cups tarot card

Property of Hearst

Your love life is on fire right now, Pisces, so you should take advantage of the warm glow and illuminating light. Do you know how much you are truly loved? I hope so, because you deserve to be adored. The Ten of Cups brings a wave of passion, romance, and love into your world. New suitors, especially water signs, might be lining up, so look for Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. If you’re happily attached, your partner is ready to let you know exactly what you mean to them. Cupid has landed.

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