Weekly tarot card reading horoscope by zodiac sign, May 2, 2022

You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your sun sign! Here’s what I do: shuffle my tarot deck and take out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus a general card for everyone so you can get specific advice on your personality. Let’s go!


Property of Hearst

We all live and learn. Time smoothes the painful contours. Well, I think we’re all on the verge of injury this week, but don’t worry, it will pass. The Eight of Cups asks us to acknowledge an ending or disappointment that has happened under our noses, but we have avoided facing it. It is time. Get angry, be sad, but do it and get over it. Better and brighter things await us.


the Five Pentacles tarot card, showing five golden clocks set on a green full moon

Property of Hearst

You don’t usually doubt yourself, but the Five of Pentacles puts you in a reflective mood that could lead to self-pity and sadness. Others have noticed this and ask what’s wrong. It’s hard to clarify exactly what’s bothering you, because it’s more of a mood than a reality. That’s the good news, Aries, because it means you can stop feeling like that. Work on brightening your mood this week. Do your favorite things with your favorite people and the fog will lift.


the Nine of Pentacles tarot card, showing nine arched clocks over a diamond and an eye

Property of Hearst

No one can tackle a long-term goal or project quite like you, Taurus. You like to engage in something that requires determination, perseverance and ambition, because these are all traits you possess. You can outlast anyone. The Nine of Pentacles sees you starting or receiving such a project, probably something related to home, work, or health. You know what you need to do and you know how to do it. So get out!


the tarot card the page of pentacles, showing a golden clock and two eyes over a diamond and a starry sky

Property of Hearst

Mercury is your ruling planet and gives you a burning curiosity about the world. You are an eternal student, always eager to learn and explore. The Page of Pentacles sees you seeking formalized education opportunities this week. Maybe you are looking at your options around a course, a workshop, a forum. Go expand your mind, Gemini. Who knows where this might take you?


the Ten of Wands tarot card, showing an outstretched hand with ten keys floating out or in

Property of Hearst

It’s time to rest, Cancer, you’ve done too much and you risk burning out. The Ten of Wands doesn’t pull any punches. It’s a direct order to do less, okay? Reduce your schedule, revise your commitments, streamline your to-do list, and delegate everything you can. You can’t go on like this. The cosmos is telling you to stop.


the King of Swords tarot card, showing a golden pen in front of a collage of a star-shaped diamond, a full moon and a circular card

Property of Hearst

The King of Swords brings you a different way of looking at things this week: rational, logical, objective, and unbiased. Usually, you are guided by your heart and you trust your instincts above anything else. This week, you are more in research mode. You want clear and quantified answers to the questions that concern you. Your only goal is the truth, even if it is not welcome. Put your head down and do your due diligence. This research will serve you well.


the sun tarot card, showing a single eye in the middle of a star-shaped diamond

Property of Hearst

Congratulations, Virgo, because the Sun brings joy, success, love, excitement, and prosperity to whatever you’re working on or hoping for. This card allows you to have confidence in yourself. Act like you can’t fail. Apply for that job you want. Ask the person you have a crush on. Submit the pitch you’ve perfected. Book the vacation you’re thinking of. Go get what you deserve.


the tarot card the chariot, showing two hands under a diamond and a circle in a starry sky

Property of Hearst

Le Chariot is an invitation to movement. Now, it could be as simple as getting a new bus ticket or fixing your vehicle. It can be a day trip with a friend or a romantic weekend with your sweetheart. It could even mean you make the decision to end your career for a year and go on a trip, or you decide to move to a whole new city…or even a country. Consider where you are in life and where you want to go. Everything is possible with this powerful energy.


the moon tarot card showing a hand holding a full moon

Property of Hearst

Scorpio, you are very much like the Moon tarot card – mysterious, secretive, unknowable and unpredictable. People see you as an enigma, and you kinda like that. This week, however, you’re busy trying to solve someone else’s mystery. Ask questions, analyze and research everything. You would be a great lawyer, you know. Put those investigative skills to good use.


the judgment tarot card showing eyes circling a full moon

Property of Hearst

Something is coming to an end. You can feel it, deep inside, and it gives you pause. The Judgment tarot card signifies that you are in a thoughtful mood, creating a narrative to frame this journey. You notice changes in your mood, outlook, and priorities. Everything is changing. You’re adjusting to a ~new you~. It’s a turning point.


the Hierophant tarot card, showing half of a woman's face next to a diamond

Property of Hearst

The Hierophant invites you to join in something bigger, bolder and more ambitious than anything you could do alone. (I know how much you love a solo gig, but sometimes you have to collaborate, Cap.) Look around and see who or what might need your help. Contribute to something worthwhile this week.


the ace of wands tarot card, showing a black and white hand holding a golden key above a full moon

Property of Hearst

Something new is starting in your world, and it’s probably a good habit, a change in routine, a new hobby, or a travel ambition. The ace of wands brings you positive and horizon-expanding ideas this week, and you’re ready to activate the one that sparks your motivation. Dark.


the Seven Pentacles tarot card, showing seven golden clocks over an eye and a diamond

Property of Hearst

You no longer need to continue with something you no longer want to be a part of, even if others expect it from you. People change, situations change and the world evolves. Indulge in any long-term ~thing~ that no longer works. The Seven of Pentacles sees you changing course and replacing it with something better. The first step is to let go.

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