Weekly Tarot Card Readings: August 7 Horoscope August 13 | Cultural news

In Change and transformation are possible in love and relationships. You could be going through a breakup or a new relationship. It could lead to a major change in your relationship that could lead to a complete transformation. Single people could be considered to have lost their identity. There will be a fresh start through a new job or business opportunity. Your You will see your finances improve or have more opportunities to earn money. Use Make the most of your talents and skills.

Because if you are already in a relationship, your connection will strengthen and bring you closer. Act With grace and sensitivity, we can solve any problem with compassion and understanding. If you are single, now is the perfect time to find someone. Be patient and calm under pressure. The working environment will be favorable. There will also be teamwork. You will be filled with ideas and appreciated for your talent. Finances Joint ventures are recommended as they will provide stability.

There, love, joy and happiness are all part of a relationship. It Commitment and balance in domestic and interpersonal relationships. You will be able to take your relationship to the next level: marriage, engagement or starting a family. However, you will feel a lot of contrary energy in your professional career. There will be competition and unrest at work. Your elders and bosses may try to control or dominate you. Watch Cut your expenses and be careful with your money.

Relationships and love are the best way to find happiness and contentment. Follow Love requires a hands-on, down-to-earth approach. For singles, love is coming and you might meet someone through work or business. It is possible to start a new job or project. You will use your intelligence and communication skills to complete any task. You To improve your job prospects, you may want to consider continuing education.

If things have been difficult lately, you will feel that the balance is restored and there will be harmony at work and in relationships. Personal relationships are strong, and you will be compassionate and generous with friends, family, and associates. Be You will be more supportive of others around you, and they will be more supportive of you. You Recent initiatives will have a positive impact on the future. Your superiors will be pleased with your efforts and may offer you a bonus or promotion. It’s time to take care of your finances and balance the books.

You are destined to succeed in your job or career. Nurture your talents through learning and skill acquisition. It is advisable to work in a group or team when carrying out a task or a project. You are more likely to receive good advice from senior employees at work. It’s a good time for investments It’s an emotional time for couples in love. To Harmony can be achieved by adopting a calm approach and being aware of your actions and thoughts. If there were differences between you and your partner, it’s time to seek reconciliation.

There could be mental stress and exhaustion. As a result, you might expect more from the people around you. Take You can take time to review your thoughts and collect them. Be more open with your partner and communicate how you feel. At work or in business, you may feel vulnerable. You might feel like there is no job security or that you are losing your job. Restructuring It is possible to move the premises or to do business there. Be You need to be careful with your spending and your money.

There, your relationship will be filled with love and emotional fulfillment. Treat Your partner should love you and show you affection. Whether you are single or not, you will find someone who will support you, help you and love you. Be You should be flexible and open to receiving help from others. Professionally, things will go in the right direction this coming week. There could be a partnership or a joint venture. Financially, it’s a good time. Be more cooperative and less competitive

Moving It is possible to be far from a dear person or to be abandoned by an important person. There, you might have arguments with a friend or family member. Work If you want your relationship to stay strong, it’s important that you resolve any negative emotions from the past. If you worked on a project or assignment. It will be completed and appreciated. Take on the management of the workplace and load Stand Firm but be open to new ideas

You You may feel hurt, disillusioned, or even angry at the actions and words of someone you care about. Separation The end of a significant relationship or the breakdown of it is indicated. CareerThis is the week of teamwork, partnership and group projects. Team up You can make more money if you work with a group of people or a partner. Your money problems will be gone and your finances will be in order.

There could be a positive sign regarding your relationship – a proposal or a marriage. This is the perfect time to inject romance into your relationship. If you’re in love with someone, tell them how you feel about them. You will feel energized to put your plans into action. However, don’t rush into action without planning. You may be looking for a new job or a career change. Projects This will continue to grow. Money The new year is upon us, but you need to watch your spending.

You You will spend a wonderful, peaceful and harmonious time with your spouse. It’s time to indulge and indulge yourself. Singles You can meet someone at work or in business. Your rewards for hard work and hard work are worth it. This week is all about investments and returns Be You can be financially responsible and save well. It’s time to reassess your work and accomplishments and plan the way forward.

(These tarot card predictions are by Chhavi Upadhyay, who is an intuitive tarot practitioner and consultant based in Delhi)