Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Horoscope April 23 – April 29 | Cultural News

There will be a sense of positivity and energy in your work and personal life. Channel all of your energy and enthusiasm into what you love and are passionate about. Love, commitment and partnership will be based on shared values ​​and interests. Entering into a mutually beneficial partnership with a friend or business associate is indicated. You and your partner will have mutual respect and understanding and your bond will grow stronger.

It would help if you were willful and defiant. The environment around you may be hostile and you may feel outnumbered, but you must be ready to fight back. Take care of your financial security with proper financial planning, investments and savings. In relationships, it is a positively emotional time. Communication within the family and with the partner will improve. It’s a good week for those who want to find love and who want to settle down with a partner.

You need to give time and attention to your relationship and your family this week. A family member will need extra care and attention. Be more compassionate and considerate of your spouse. Try to maintain a balance between your work and family life. Avoid confrontations and arguments at work. Focus on your job and don’t worry about what other people think. Beware of deception or cheating in business or financial matters.

There could be conflicts at work and tensions within the family. Beware of people around you who like to create unnecessary drama and action. Be more flexible, responsive and understanding. Your hard work and effort in the past will pay off. There will be good news regarding finances, business, education and property. There will be an opportunity to seize it and start working on it.

After a stressful period, things are looking up at work. There could be an improvement in the position, or you could quit an unsatisfying job and opt for a better one that offers more freedom and opportunity. There is a possibility of transfer or relocation. Your relationship is about to evolve. You and your partner will spend quality time together to strengthen your bond and connection. Singles can meet someone.

You will have a great time with your friends and family. You will get important job-related information. You will be fierce and determined to achieve your goal. This week marks the birth of a new idea, a project that uses your intellect and could prove profitable. Obstacles will be removed and success is on the way. In love, you may have a choice to make between lovers, work or love, family or love.

You may feel some negativity in your relationship. Fear and misunderstanding will keep you from being happy. Do not assume and accept what is happening around you; talk and clarify. Business or entrepreneurial success that comes after hard work and a waiting period is near. Projects and businesses are on track. You will have the support and cooperation of others. Collaborate with others to succeed. Finances will improve.

The material and earthly aspects are called to improve. The money comes your way in the form of a bonus or promotion. This is an excellent time to make a long-term investment. There will be fun and excitement in your relationship. Approach life and love with innocence and an open heart. Be spontaneous and cheerful when entering a new relationship.

Now is the time to act to advance your plans and take new initiatives. There will be a fresh start in a new job or business opportunity. Your finances will improve or you will have the chance to earn more money. You and your spouse will spend harmonious and happy times that will bring out the best in you. Some of you will have to choose a matter of love. If you are single, love comes to you.

There seems to be an impasse and your love life seems stuck and not moving forward. You may be trying to choose between two potential partners. For couples, it is not necessary to ignore the existing problems but to speak clearly to find a solution. This week marks the beginning of a new adventure, career or project. Success is within reach, provided you are prepared to invest the energy necessary to succeed. There could be a promotion, a bonus or a new job. Finances will improve but don’t overspend.

If it has been demanding and exhausting at work, use your energy wisely and plan meticulously to see you through. Surround yourself with those who love and support you. If you’ve worked hard, your efforts will pay off. There may be cash flow issues, so spend wisely and protect your cash and valuables. You will have an emotionally fulfilling time with your family and loved ones. A relationship with your partner will be loving and fulfilling. This is an ideal time for couples and those planning to settle down.

There are risks of serious arguments, tensions and conflicts within the family. Apologize if necessary to improve family relations. Avoid friction with your partner. You may have no reason to be mad at them, but you could lash out at your partner. The position in the workplace will be stable; take a different approach to accomplishing your task. There may be delays or postponements of plans. A mentor can guide you and help you make decisions.

(These tarot card predictions are from Chavi Upadhyay, who is an intuitive tarot practitioner and consultant based in Delhi)