Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Horoscope February 27 – March 5 | Cultural News


Your relationship with your partner is blossoming and your bond will grow stronger. If your relationship has been difficult, you will feel that things are improving and that you understand each other better. You will spend a lot of time together and enjoy it more. At work, your ideas will be welcomed and rewarded. You may also be offered a job offer or a promotion. Any assignment or project involving teamwork will be beneficial.


This week brings work and career opportunities, but it comes with confusion. Evaluate the options, pros and cons before making a choice. There may be a job offer or an opportunity in an existing position; there will be opportunities to make money, but be careful before making investments. There will be emotional and financial support from your partner. Maintain a balance in your relationship by giving and returning your partner’s emotions.


If things have been difficult lately, you will feel the balance restored; there will be harmony at work and in relationships. Personal relationships are strong, and you will be compassionate and generous with friends, family, and associates. There is financial growth and investment opportunity. The money comes back to you in the form of a bonus or promotion, but you will have to try harder and work harder.


It’s time to turn your dreams into reality, manifest your goals and realize your potential. Pursue your financial or career goals, but at the same time, it will take hard work, dedication, and commitment to achieve what you desire. In love, there will be happiness and contentment. Love is on the way for singles. This week brings a new work opportunity or a new idea. You will witness the growth of your career. There could be a promotion, a bonus or a new job.


You need to give time and attention to your relationship and your family this week. A family member will need extra care and attention. Be more compassionate and considerate of your spouse. You will be very confident at work, and your initiative and project will thrive. You will have the support of those around you. You will be happy to celebrate your accomplishments with others. Try to work as a team and collaboratively.


There will be achievements, projects will thrive, and your achievements will be recognized and rewarded. There might be an upcoming promotion or bonus. It’s a great time to start a new business or take on a new job. Your relationship with your partner will become deeper and more meaningful. For singles, this is the perfect time to meet people. It can also mean that someone from your past is coming back into your life to rekindle a relationship.


You will resolve and overcome past difficulties and enter a phase of harmony and happiness. You will leave an unhappy or stressful situation and enter a degree of peace and calm. An emotional struggle is about to end and it’s time to reconcile. A negative attitude can affect your job or your position in the organization. Your current job may not be giving you the satisfaction you are looking for. Beware of deception or cheating in business.


Your hard work will pay off. Useful information related to employment, contract or property comes to you. Be ready to act when you see the opportunity. The people around you will support you and help you achieve your goals. In love, you will spend more time understanding your partner better. Joint investments will bear fruit. Singles can meet a potential partner through work or in the workplace.


It’s time to indulge and indulge yourself. Marriage is on the cards for some. At this stage, if you start something new or start a new business with your partner, it will generate profits and bring material gains. At work, things will go in the right direction this week. There could be a core partnership or a joint venture. Additionally, there could be a critical career, job, or business decision you will be making.


As a couple, your relationship will grow stronger, but you need to add more passion and excitement to your relationship. You will spend time together and leisure trips are planned. At work, stick to your plan and stay on course even if it seems complicated at the moment. Keep working hard to achieve your goal despite opposition and distractions. Set your priorities at work and put your energy where it will work best.


Obstacles in your relationship will disappear, allowing you to deepen your love. It is time for good things to come from the past, influenced by past events. You will reconnect with old friends and distant family members. Be ready to express your love and your feelings will be reciprocated. There is success and you will move forward with focus and determination. Be prepared to take charge and control things at work. You will succeed in your business as long as you stay focused.


This week brings stability and deep commitment to your relationship. However, don’t be possessive or controlling as this may hurt your partner’s feelings. Support your partner. At work, you will establish a strong position and demonstrate leadership. If you are thinking of starting a business, now is the time to take the lead. Don’t be impulsive with money and be careful with your spending. Don’t rely too much on others.

(These tarot card predictions are from Chhavi Upadhyaywho is an intuitive tarot practitioner and consultant based in Delhi)