Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Horoscope March 27 – April 2 | Cultural news

The material and earthly aspects are called to improve. The money comes your way in the form of a bonus or promotion. This is an excellent time to make a long-term investment. You may not have time for a relationship or intimacy this week. You will spend so much time in your head that there will be little left for your heart. Friction in the home environment is expected.

You will leave an unhappy or stressful situation or relationship to move towards something that offers satisfaction and contentment. An emotional struggle is about to end and it’s time for your relationship to move forward. A painful relationship can end. There will be a job offer, or you might be given a bigger role in the organization that will result in a promotion or bonus. There is prosperity, windfall gains or new business opportunities.

Take control of situations involving money, investments and finances. Your emotions can influence your financial decisions. You will be in solidarity with your colleagues. Use your creativity and intuition to advance your career. There will be trust, loyalty and intimacy. You will feel a sense of balance and security in your relationship. For singles, a new partner may come into your life. Those in an established relationship can focus on practical matters and future planning.

There will be happiness and commitment in your relationship. For singles, this is the perfect time to meet someone and move the relationship forward. This week marks the beginning of a new adventure, career or project. Success is within reach, provided you are prepared to invest the energy necessary to succeed. There could be a promotion, a bonus or a new job. Finances will improve but don’t overspend.

A negative attitude can affect your job or your position in the organization. Your current job may not be giving you the satisfaction you are looking for. Think for yourself in financial matters rather than relying on others. Avoid making investments at this stage. However, there is commitment and balance in relations and internal affairs on the home front. Now you can feel the joy and happiness you truly deserve. You will see your relationship go to the next level, such as engagement, marriage, or starting a family.

You might be disappointed in your personal life if you want everything to go your way. Rekindling your love life is essential if you are strengthening the bond with your partner. Your plans will progress and there will be financial stability. You will witness the fruits of your hard work and effort. There will be enough resources to dedicate to yourself and support others.

There could be betrayal and disloyalty in relationships. You may feel deeply hurt and discouraged by the bitter words, actions, and behavior of others. The separation or breakdown of a significant relationship is indicated. Good fortune in teamwork and partnership is indicated, and you will benefit from an alliance or joint venture in business. Financially, it’s a good time.

Your relationship will evolve in a smooth and meaningful way. Singles have the chance to meet someone and fall in love. You might expect some good romantic news like a marriage proposal. Your efforts and hard work will pay off, and there is a possibility of financial rewards like bonuses or promotions. You will have the resources to splurge once in a while and help others. Certain investments are also indicated and will bring good returns.

It’s time to fully express yourself and tell the world what you are capable of. You have the ability to earn money through your creative endeavors. Your ideas will flourish and you will have the strength to execute your plans. You will enjoy a strong bond with your partner, and there will be happiness and contentment. Marriage is on the cards for some. There will be a rejuvenation from a state of restlessness, and the opposing forces will come out.

Whether you’re single or married, there’s too much going on in your life right now. You will try to balance your life and maybe please your partner. You are advised not to decide on love or marriage this week. You will be fierce and determined to achieve your goal. This week marks the start of a new idea, a project that could turn out to be profitable. Obstacles will be removed and success is on the way.

There could be the start of a new relationship, a promotion, a new job, or the start of a new project. It’s the start of something great. It is an exciting time for lovers. Couples will find themselves spending time together. Singles will be thrilled at the idea of ​​meeting new people. The cards provide for professional growth; you can expect a promotion or a bonus. You will succeed in a project or a business.

Your love life is changing. It could mean the end of a relationship or ending an important phase and moving on to another. Singles can welcome love into their lives. You will have an emotionally fulfilling time with your family and loved ones. The relationship with your partner will be loving and fulfilling.

(These tarot card predictions are from Chavi Upadhyay, who is an intuitive tarot practitioner and consultant based in Delhi)