Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Horoscope May 22 – May 28 | Cultural news

You are likely to excel and prosper in your work and business. You will receive good news regarding money, property or finances. You will have the support of your colleagues and the resources necessary to carry out your task. Don’t over-commit or promise what you can’t deliver. You could be hurt because a lover may not seem in a good mood. Give yourself time to process your thoughts and feelings. Reconcile and put the past behind you. Don’t overthink the behaviors of the people around you.

Things will go well in your career and new opportunities could prove profitable. Negotiations with business partners will go well, and you will be able to handle any situation tactfully. Your finances should improve. There will be love and affection in your relationship, and your feelings will be reciprocated. If you’re hoping to find love, it’s on the way.

You need to prioritize and put your energy where it’s needed to find balance and eliminate the stressor. You may need to decide about finances, money management, or a job change. There could be a temporary cash flow problem. There will be a harmonious family environment and commitment to a relationship. This week promises that everything will fall into place, bringing joy and a sense of satisfaction. Marriage or engagement is on the cards for those looking to settle down.

Challenges and difficulties in the workplace will be overcome. There could be a job change or an upgrade to the position you are best suited for. There will be financial stability, but keep an eye on spending and be responsible when spending. You may not feel like socializing and prefer some solitude and alone time. You will focus on yourself and a quiet moment will allow you to process your thoughts and feelings.

You can expect a positive result from the initiatives taken recently. Pay attention to practical matters and make sure your emotional needs are met. Signing of contracts and documents is indicated. All ongoing legal issues can be resolved, and job interviews and negotiations will be successful. Money matters will improve. There could be misunderstandings and lack of agreement with someone around you. In love, you may have to go the extra mile or struggle to gain your partner’s attention.

Work on strengthening your bond with your partner, take a break from routine and spend some quality time. For singles, developing a relationship or a new romantic partnership is expected. It’s time to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit, make a plan, and get started. Business relationships will be fruitful and projects will prosper. You will be in a stable financial situation and know how to manage your money well.

You will feel abandoned, left alone, or forgotten, and your overall sense of self-worth may seem low. Try asking for help from people around you. Remember, there is help; it can be emotional support or financial help from friends or family members. At work, you are encouraged to move forward with your projects. To be successful and reap the rewards, you have to go out and try something new. Do not be afraid; meet and connect with people, get involved and be brave.

This week signals moving on, leaving a relationship or emotion behind. It’s probably time for you to say goodbye to a relationship or move on with your life, even if it seems complicated. There seems to be the start of a new business or an opportunity to start something new. You may consider a new offer or proposal at your workplace or business. You are called to put aside your logical reasoning and explore your creative instincts.

You will be in a happy and comfortable zone of your career. This week brings opportunities, rewards and success in your career. Everything you do will yield positive results. There is financial abundance and good fortune. Any investment made at this time will pay off. There will be progress in your relationship, and exciting times for you and your partner are in store. Your relationship will progress incredibly, with both taking equal initiative.

So the person you love or trust is not someone you can rely on. Be careful because someone might cheat you or hide something from you. Maybe something is lying or not telling you the whole truth. You may encounter problems at work or in your career. Your fears could be holding you back. Don’t underestimate yourself or waste your talent, because the possibilities are there. Be persistent and focus on one thing. Spend wisely, don’t invest or take out loans.

The stress in your job seems to be increasing, leaving you worried about your workload, your stability, your safety, and what will happen in the future. You might be anxious and undecided about an important career funding decision. Take a practical look at your finances and avoid negative thoughts. You will find yourself spending a lot of time alone and disconnected from others to focus on a project or task that requires a lot of time, energy and effort, affecting your love life at the moment. You or your partner might be a little emotionally distant.

This week brings happiness, success and fulfillment at work. You will be confident and may receive a reward or recognition for your efforts. There will be financial stability, but don’t neglect savings. Your love life will undergo a change and reorganize. You will pass from one phase of love to another. Singles could say goodbye to celibacy and welcome love into their lives.

(These tarot card predictions are by Chhavi Upadhyay, who is an intuitive tarot practitioner and consultant based in Delhi)