Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Horoscope May 29 – June 4 | Cultural News

There will be an explosion of fresh ideas, mental clarity and agility. You will be at your best problem solving. There will be a lot of action and maybe some drama and confrontation; however, don’t be overconfident and be careful with your words. Obstacles will be removed and success is on the way. Decisions related to changing jobs or careers must be made logically. Although you are successful in your finances and your professional life, disruptions are expected in your love life. Differences and disputes with the spouse are indicated.

At work, move your projects forward and take new initiatives. There will be a fresh start in a new job opportunity or business opportunity. Your finances will improve. You have the skills and the resources to achieve what you want. Now is the time to use your willpower to manifest your goals. You will be ready to invest in your relationship and it will progress at a steady pace now. If you are single, you are likely to meet someone.

There will be stability in love, relationships and work. There might be a financial decision or unexpected expenses might arise. It may be your career that you are focusing on right now and starting a relationship is not your priority. You or your partner may act in a possessive or controlling way, which can hurt your relationship. Don’t hold back from meeting someone new if you’re single.

You will be on an emotional rollercoaster with ups and downs. Not knowing which emotion is the right one and which one to listen to. Your relationship with your spouse will be unpredictable and you may feel vulnerable. You’ll be full of ideas at work, and it’s time to move on and make your plans a reality. If you have an idea, rather than acting immediately, analyze the situation and see if it fits your ultimate goal or not.

You will succeed in establishing deep and meaningful connections with friends or lovers. There will be a positive turnaround in your relationship with your spouse. This week will be full of love, affection and attention. Your self-esteem will be strong and you will have full control over your emotions. At work, you may feel a little restless or dissatisfied and consider a job or career change. Be careful with money as there could be financial losses.

This is a good time for couples. You will find that you both have a peaceful, harmonious and prosperous time together. It’s time to indulge and indulge yourself. This week you need to take care of yourself as you take care of those around you. Splurge and have fun. At work, your ideas will flourish and you will have the strength to execute your plans. You will be able to make wise financial decisions, but spend with caution.

If you’ve been through a tough emotional and mental time, it’s time to move on rather than get stuck in a situation. If you decide to work things out with your partner, it’s likely that both of you will be able to work through and fix the problem. It’s time to give your relationship a fresh start. Tensions and problems at work will be resolved. Long-awaited contracts or documents will be signed. Pay attention to your finances and watch your spending closely.

There could be betrayal or deceit at work or in business. Someone around you might focus on doing things their own way without worrying about the consequences. Avoid arguments in the workplace and spend wisely. Maintaining clear communication will be necessary in a relationship as there may be arguments and disagreements with your partner. Think before you speak and watch your words to avoid regretting what you say later.

At work, obstacles will be removed and success is on the way. You will be fierce and determined to achieve your goal. This week marks the birth of a new idea, a project that uses your intellect and could prove profitable. Finances will be stable. Support your partner and together you can accomplish a lot. Settlement or marriage are also on the program for some of you.

Things seem to be balancing out this week, and you’ll be working hard to make sure it stays that way. Your hard work and efficiency on the work front will likely be appreciated. Financially, things look good and the investments should pay off. Don’t be in a rush to get into a personal relationship. Invest time in your relationship before taking it to the next level. Be patient and persistent if you want your relationship to last.

You may feel some negativity or confinement in your relationship. There may be some regret regarding the decision to enter into a relationship. You may feel humiliated or ignored and afraid of what your partner thinks of you. However, you are lucky with your job and your career this week. Move forward and don’t be held back by small accomplishments. The difficult period is over; finances are progressing and a job opportunity comes your way.

This week emphasizes work and relationships. There could be the start of a new relationship, a promotion, a new job, or the start of a new project. The cards provide for professional growth; you can expect a promotion or a bonus. You will succeed in a project or business venture and gain recognition. You will have an important career decision to make this week. You will have good news on the relationship, investment or money front.

(These tarot card predictions are from Chavi Upadhyay, who is an intuitive tarot practitioner and consultant based in Delhi)