Aries (March 21-April 20)

Love: the magician

Mood: Judgment

Career: Seven of Coins

Your efficient nature and your technical skills will allow you to be part of a professionally prestigious project. You will probably be able to recover your old contributions, thereby improving your financial situation. Excellent academic performance will boost the morale of some. It is advisable to stay away from overly friendly parents as they can be very demanding. Your love life remains extremely fulfilling as you overcome past differences with your romantic partner. Those who have suffered for a long time are likely to find improvement in their health after a break. Those who wish to embark for a while may have a golden opportunity this week. Your social popularity will make the whole family immensely proud.

Lucky number: 9

Lucky color: Saffron

Taurus (April 21-May 20)

Love: the king of wands

Mood: The Hierophant

Career: Cups Page

Your greatest gains will come from your professionally creative ideas, opening doors for advancement. Finances will definitely get a boost as your informed decisions pay off generously. You may be a little confused as to what options are available academically, so ask others for advice. Someone is likely to reach out to you during a family crisis without even asking, helping you navigate easily. Those who are looking for a new romance are likely to find a short and pleasant opportunity to come. Opting for a balanced diet will reflect positively on your overall health. The social front will be very demanding but immensely fulfilling.

Lucky #: 1

Lucky color: light yellow

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

Love: The Empress

Mood: Four of Sword

Career: Two of Coins

The increased workload will be a little problem for dedicated professionals on the work front. An improvement in the financial situation would increase your purchasing power. The best possible options will likely be available to you academically. Spending quality time with family members would help relieve stress and worry. Developments taking place on the romantic front will be to your satisfaction, so enjoy the friendliness all the way. Working on the health front will keep you fit and energized. An event or a celebration is likely to be organized in your honor on a social level. Traveling to a remote location on the maps for some.

Lucky #: 2

Lucky Color: White

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Love: Ace of Swords

Mood: The High Priestess

Career: Five of Coins

The more you put in the effort, the better off you will be professionally, so give it your all. New contracts may seem lucrative but may not bring the desired gains. Something desired on the academic front is likely to become within your grasp. It is a good time to undertake any repair or renovation work on the house, after obtaining the consent of the family members. Taking steps to rejuvenate your love life is likely to bring excitement back into your life. Health problems troubling some are likely to be resolved successfully. Your social initiatives and your good work are likely to add to your prestige. The long-delayed desire to go on vacation can come true when planning a pleasure trip.

Lucky number: 9

Lucky color: red

Leo (July 23-August 23)

Love: Two swords

Mood: The Hanged Man

Career: Eight of Sword

Some of you will probably have all the freedom you need to implement new ideas and concepts professionally, so make the most of it. Avoid spending too much to impress others or it could affect your bank balance. A friend will prove to be of great support in accomplishing an academic task. A change in mood and plans may dominate your attempts to sort out a family misunderstanding. Someone may be trying to impress you with a romantic ulterior motive, so stay alert. Avoid ignoring even minor ailments to keep your run on the health front. The spouse can accompany you on a trip and make the trip exciting.

Lucky #: 8

Lucky color: dark turquoise

Virgo (August 24 September 23)

Love: The Tower

Mood: The Hanged Man

Career: Two épée

You will stay on a solid footing regarding a problem professionally, so be thorough. Successfully recovering a blocked payment will dramatically improve your financial situation. Good results in a competition or exam are academically predicted for some. It is a good time to hold a religious ceremony or a function on the domestic front. Romance can enter the life of lonely hearts, so prepare for an exciting time. Making lifestyle changes will prove to be more beneficial on the health front. Those looking to buy their own home may find some great deals coming up.

Lucky number: 11

Lucky color: pink


(September 24 October 23)

Love: World

Mood: Ace of wands

Career: Ten of Cups

Innovative ideas and technical expertise would help earn the professional confidence of seniors. You will be able to maintain financial stability through your timely and accurate decisions. Mastering things academically is likely to give you a lot of confidence. It is a good time to organize a reunion for your family and close friends. Those in a long-term relationship can move forward with their plans for a formal engagement. Your attempts to adopt a more active lifestyle will help you stay in shape. Your travel plans can affect your family life, so don’t ignore them.

Lucky number: 22

Lucky color: silver


(October 24 November 22)

Love: the star

Mood: Devil

Career: King of coins

You are likely to receive a lot of praise for a job that is professionally accomplished. Income from multiple sources is shown, so expect your bank balance to stay in a healthy state. Your academic results are likely to improve as you manage to rediscover your focus and focus. The fulfillment of a young person in the family or a parent will be the source of immense happiness at home. Be prepared to hang out with your friends because a long delayed fun trip can come true. You will be able to successfully navigate a socially sensitive situation.

Lucky #: 1

Lucky color: lemon


(November 23-December 21)

Love: Seven of Pieces

Mood: Chopsticks Page

Career: Three of Sword

Your gossip and your negotiating skills are likely to be of great professional benefit to you. Avoid loaning money, as the chances of recovery seem slim. Lucrative opportunities are likely to materialize on the academic front. You are likely to find very supportive and understanding family members during the testing period. Rekindling the love life is important at this point to avoid romance stagnating. Regular physical activity and a balanced diet will have a positive impact on your health. Some of you are at risk of being socially sidelined, so stay alert. A fun trip will help you break the monotony of the daily grind and recharge your batteries.

Lucky number: 4

Lucky color: sky blue


(December 22-January 21)

Love: five of cups

Mood: The Sun

Career: Two of Coins

It’s time to upgrade your technical skills to stay one step ahead of your competition professionally. You need to control unnecessary spending to maintain a healthy financial position. Difficult end envisaged academically, but your position remains strong. You are likely to find your family members to be very picky, but you can do it easily. Indications of how to get a positive response in love, so go and confess your true feelings to the person you love in secret. Giving in to the temptation of excess will certainly have repercussions on your health. You could end up losing money in a rushed real estate transaction, so be careful.

Lucky number: 18

Lucky color: Chocolate


(January 22-February 19)

Love: the chariot

Mood: Five of pieces

Career: The star

You can become someone’s retention decision maker at work, so think carefully. Financial growth is indicated, but efforts will need to be made. Dedicated students will see many of their aspirations come true academically. A family member may need your help with a personal matter, so be available. Trying something new in fitness with your partner is possible and can be of tremendous benefit to you. Possession of a property that has been reserved earlier is possible. You are likely to find a good solution to your commuting problem.

Lucky number: 7

Lucky color: Pink


(February 20-March 20)

Love: Two of pieces

Mood: The Moon

Career: the fool

Paying a patient ear to a subordinate problem will allow some to find a timely professional solution. You are likely to be successful in generating capital for your new business. Your master’s degree in academics promises to bring you a lot of praise and appreciation. Some old issues that have been under the rug at home may come back to bother you, but try to stay calm. You have to be practical and realistic on the romantic front to avoid heartaches later on. Something positive can be expected from a health perspective as you make up your mind to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Consider all the pros and cons carefully before planning a trip.

Lucky #: 3

Lucky color: purple