Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Tarot Prediction March 28 – April 3 | Astrology

Aries (March 21-April 20)

To like: Three of pieces

Mood: Two of chopsticks

Career: Hermit

You will have to put more effort into convincing someone to do your part. Family is likely to support your idea of ​​starting your own business. Avoid rushing social opinions. You will have to be careful on the working front as your performance may be under the scanner. Don’t be too humble and accept something you haven’t done to protect someone else. Financially, things will probably start to improve for you now. An exercise routine may seem boring, but can help you get back into shape. Cupid is likely to strike those who seek love.

Lucky no: 1

Lucky color: Bordeaux

Taurus (April 21-May 20)

To like: Six swords

Mood: The hanged man

Career: Justice

You would need to wait a little longer to get what you are craving. Freshers are likely to hear about promising opportunities to start their careers. A loan repaid before the due date is likely to build good credibility. Those planning on pursuing higher education should start seeking advice on how to get things done. Adopting healthy options would lead you to achieve full physical shape. You would need to meet the mood of the lover. It is advisable to remain discreet on the domestic front. Good news on the property front can be expected.

Lucky no: 5

Lucky color: cyan

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

To like: The magician

Mood: Emperor

Career: Three of chopsticks

Be sure about where you want to invest your money, or you might be shocked. Great work pressure is expected for those working in creative fields. You would need to discipline yourself with what and when you eat. The lover may resent your interference in something he wants to pursue. Laziness on the academic front is likely to affect your performance. Certain documents relating to the property are likely to occupy you on weekends. Those planning to buy or upgrade a vehicle may have to wait a bit longer.

Lucky no: 11

Lucky color: Orange

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

To like: Temperance

Mood: Three of swords

Career: The hermit

Presence of mind would be the key to dealing with the complexities on the work front. A small change in lifestyle can benefit your health. Someone’s advice is likely to do wonders for you commercially. You may be thinking of ideas to multiply your assets and financial resources. The family may not be too supportive of your idea of ​​staying in a remote location. Wedding bells may ring for eligible persons. Academically, you would need to do your best to be successful. A reunion with friends is likely to give you the much-needed break.

Lucky no: 4

Lucky color: Turquoise

Leo (July 23-August 23)

To like: Sections Page

Mood: Devil

Career: Tower

Someone you really love will start exchanging the same vibrations, giving you a lot of joy on the love front. A sympathizer is likely to promote a noble enterprise launched by you on the social front. An impromptu business trip is likely to entice you to pack your bags and go. A project carried out to the satisfaction of an elderly person is likely to bring you fulfillment and recognition. Plans to purchase an expensive item are likely to materialize. Speculation is likely to attract a lot of money, but be careful not to abuse it. On the health side, there is nothing to worry about.

Lucky no: 18

Lucky color: Sand brown

Virgo (August 24 September 23)

To like: Four of swords

Mood: Ace of chopsticks

Career: The idiot

Making wise choices on the love front is the need of the hour. Avoid visiting friends or relatives out of the blue, as someone might not like the gesture. Problems on the home front must be dealt with as a priority. A property that you are considering selling may only attract a limited number of buyers. Your negotiating skills are likely to land you good deals when shopping. Avoid losing focus and your rhythm on the academic front. Approaching deadlines can force you to work long, professional hours.

Lucky no: 2

Lucky color: Magenta

Libra (September 24 October 23)

To like: King of Cups

Mood: Lovers

Career: Judgement

You may need to time an event to keep a close eye on it. Hard work put on the job front is likely to put you in touch with the top ranks. Some of you may also expect a review or promotion. Romance can strike those who seek it. Parental approval for an expensive purchase would be required. Your determination to opt for a healthy lifestyle is likely to improve your metabolism. Redoing the interior of the house may be on your mind. A long distance trip may be postponed for a period of time. Money loaned to someone in the past is likely to be repaid.

Lucky no: 9

Lucky color: Golden

Scorpio (October 24 November 22)

To like: The world

Mood: Two of chopsticks

Career: Sword knight

A task assigned to you may take longer than the expected time to complete. An exploit is in prospect on the professional level. Students are likely to pass the admissions they aspire to. Your self-confidence is likely to earn brownie points by making a big business deal. Your efforts to stabilize your income will start to pay off now. Something special is on the anvil for those in a romantic relationship. A comfortable ride is envisioned for those traveling by road. Learn how to read the lines when executing a real estate transaction.

Lucky no: 11

Lucky color: Rust

Sagittarius (November 23-December 21)

To like: Six of Cups

Mood: Lovers

Career: The moon

Cards advises you to keep a low social and domestic profile this week. Students should establish a disciplined routine to prepare for preparations. Some of you may want to indulge in a hobby as a side activity. The determination to stay healthy and fit will allow you to explore new training techniques. It will be a great week on the love front as you develop a better understanding with each other. Organizing a weekend meeting is possible for some. The health of a senior in the family can be of concern.

Lucky no: 5

Lucky color: Teal

Capricorn (December 22-January 21)

To like: tank

Mood: Three of Cups

Career: Temperance

Trust your professional instincts when it comes to making something that you might be responsible for. Don’t let someone’s words sway you socially. Your reluctance to join a group workout can cause you to lose the extra benefits. Travel can be hectic and you may not enjoy it very much. Meeting friends or spending time with family is likely to be refreshing. Some of you may be inclined to spirituality. Your financial worries start to fade as money arrives from unexpected sources. Parents are likely to green light your relationship.

Hopefully not.: 18

Lucky color: Indigo

Aquarius (January 22-February 19)

To like: Strength

Mood: Tower

Career: Judgement

There’s a good chance you’ll get the attention of someone who’s making your pulse beat! You may need to roll up your socks on the front of the job to complete pending tasks. Planning a little getaway is possible and will prove to be therapeutic. Investing in residential property is likely to pay off. A young person in the family may need attention. Students are likely to do well in the subject of their choice. Those associated with the sports field are awaiting an award or recognition. Focus on how much time and attention you give your body to achieving your fitness goals.

Hopefully not : 11

Lucky color: Orange

Pisces (February 20-March 20)

To like: Six swords

Mood: The idiot

Career: Chopsticks Page

Luck shines on those who hunt the job market. Your down-to-earth nature and flexible approach are likely to attract popularity on the work front. The desire for higher education is likely to lead you to enroll in a prestigious institute. The lover will probably help make this week even more special. An exciting vacation is in the works. You may run into obstacles in finding a loan for something, but things will end up working in your favor. Yoga or aerobics will likely give you great health results. An invitation to a housewarming or religious ceremony will allow you to build more memories with your loved ones.

Lucky no: seven

Lucky color: Yellow

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