Weekly Tarot Readings: Horoscope from February 13 to February 19, 2022 | Cultural News


It is a week of balance and follow-up of the middle path, relational or professional. You must follow a moderate approach and temper your thoughts to balance and harmonize your relationships. If there have been differences with your partner, it’s time to reconcile. You can ask for help from a friend to help you solve the problems. Things at work will be slow. Invest some time planning something that you’ve been nurturing for a while. Be patient and don’t expect instant results.


There will be happiness and contentment in relationships. Maintain clear and honest communication with your partner and let go of all ego to build a healthy relationship. Love is on the way for singles, and you might meet someone at work. Financial prosperity, material comfort, security, flow of money and your projects will prosper. You will be resourceful and supportive of your colleagues.


You might decide to take time away from routine or even time away from people this week. A moment of calm can help you process your thoughts and analyze the situation. Follow a mature and balanced approach in relationships. Unlike your love life, you will be full of enthusiasm and positive energy at work. Your ideas will flourish and you will make sound financial decisions.


Professionally, it’s going to be a hectic week, but things will be a bit slow on the love front. Many communications, projects and positive news about your career are expected. It would quicken the pace if you initiated something new, and your initiatives will accelerate. You can travel for work. In love, you may not feel satisfied with the way things are going. There might be a lack of commitment from your partner or you might not want to commit to the relationship.


It’s a great time to start new relationships and nurture your existing ones. however, it is necessary to create a balance between personal life and professional matters. At work or at work, you may feel like your career has become stagnant or not progressing as you expected. You need to be more creative in your approach and aware of your opportunities. Open up and things will get better.


Whether you’re single or married, it seems like you have too much going on in your life right now, trying to balance your life and maybe trying to please your partner. You are advised not to decide on love or marriage this week. Your hard work will pay off and there could be a big change in your career or business. There will be financial stability, new opportunities and new investments, but be careful with spending.


There seems to be an impasse and your love life seems stuck and not moving forward. For couples, you should not ignore or neglect existing problems but speak clearly to find a solution. Don’t rush things, be patient and persistent. Professional and financial stability is expected. However, the result will be slow. Keep working towards your goal, and the efforts you make now will pay off later.


There might be arguments with a close friend or family member. A relationship may not have lived up to your expectations. You may feel disappointed, but don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself or feeling resentful. Do what is necessary to resolve the situation. There could be difficulties in your workplace. Your job or your boss might be demanding, making you feel stuck and trapped. Be careful with your finances and don’t overspend.


In love, there will be love, commitment, and you’ll be willing to go the extra mile to make things work with your partner. Singles can meet a potential partner through work or in the workplace. There may be career-related opportunities – job offer or extension of current role; be practical about the choice you make. Be careful when making investments.


A sudden end to a friendship, an inevitable breakup and heartbreak are predicted. There might be differences with your partner. Don’t let ego affect your relationship. There will be plenty of action and perhaps drama and confrontation. On the other hand, there will be an explosion of fresh ideas, mental clarity and work agility. You will be at your best problem solving. There are chances of an extremely positive change in your situation and position.


You may be so engrossed in your personal life that you completely forget about yourself. Think beyond your relationship, your family and your responsibilities; be sure to take time for yourself – pursue a hobby, catch up with friends. It could be the start of a new job, a new business, or a new career path. Move forward with an open mind and a positive spirit. Be careful with finances.


You will be totally immersed in your projects and professional projects. Maybe you need to spend time developing yourself, gaining knowledge. Take control in your hand rather than depending on others. Handle financial matters with care. This week brings joy, happiness and celebrations. . If you’re single, a new partner or love interest may come into your life and you’ll find yourself spending time with them.

(These tarot card predictions are from Chhavi Upadhyaywho is an intuitive tarot practitioner and consultant based in Delhi)