Which hero are you based on your favorite tarot card?

The Sailor Moon anime series and manga are steeped in folklore, prophecy, and astrological symbolism. The Sailor Scouts are each aligned with different planets and elements, much like the cards in a tarot deck. Tarot decks traditionally consist of 78 cards divided into two groups, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

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Like the stars under which a person is born, tarot cards can be used to reference personality traits and significant life events. Therefore, the Major Arcana cards could be considered archetypes that a reader can identify with.

ten The Wheel of Fate: Sailor Pluto is the Keeper of Time

Sailor Pluto has a solitary job guarding the Gate of Space and Time in perpetuity. Her greatest power is the ability to spin the wheel of time back and forth, although this comes at a high cost, so she must weigh her actions thoughtfully.

The wheel of fate is a map of change and fate. It can depict an unexpected turn of events and signify someone is fast approaching what they are destined to do on this earth. Like Sailor Pluto, this card represents controlling a watershed moment in a person’s path, but choices should be considered wisely.

9 Temperance: Sailor Mercury is known to be thoughtful and patient.

Sailor Mercury is a very intelligent person, considered the most sensitive of the group. She has a calm demeanor and does not make rash decisions. Her abilities as a Sailor Scout are associated with water, as seen in her Mercury Bubbles Blast attack.

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The Major Arcana Temperance card is associated with keeping the peace, a role played by Sailor Mercury. A winged figure pours water from vase to vase over the map, signifying meditation and contemplation. Like Sailor Mercury, it is a brain card that highlights a need for reflection and patience.

8 The Lovers: Sailor Venus completes the scouts in the first arc

Sailor Venus is a lively character who prioritizes joy. Some of his favorite pastimes are singing, sports and playing matchmaker. It was first suspected that she was the Secret Moon Princess due to her kindness and sociability.

Sailor Venus is, of course, a reference to the goddess Venus whose domain is love and beauty. The lovers card in the tarot is also about partnership and coming together of forces. Although not the Moon Princess, Sailor Venus is the newest addition to the Scouts at the end of the Dark Kingdom arc, bringing the Scouts together to battle Queen Metalia.

seven Justice: Sailor Mars has a strong sense of right and wrong

Sailor Mars is reserved in the manga and more outspoken in the 90s anime. The common vein in portraying her character is her stoicism, loyalty, and the way she never hesitates to speak up when she thinks something is wrong. do not go. Justice is a card of balance, fair play and taking it seriously.

Sailor Mars aspires to be a priestess; because of this, she is considered very serious and often looks inward rather than seeking human guidance, which is also symbolized by the Justice card. Like Justice, Sailor Mars feels a strong sense of responsibility to her family and fellow Scouts.

6 The Hierophant: Luna guides the scouts in their missions and helps them discover their identity

Luna, the moon cat, often chastises Sailor Moon and can be a bit harsh on the young teen at times, but she is always right and has Sailor Moon’s best interests at heart. Luna’s mission is to help unite the scouts and guide them as they defeat evil and discover who the moon princess is.

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The Hierophant symbolizes a person connected to a larger institution intended to mentor others, such as a teacher or spiritual advisor. Similarly, Luna is an agent of the Moon Kingdom sent to Earth by Queen Serenity to seek out and protect the Scouts. They would be lost without Luna.

5 Strength: Sailor Jupiter’s true strength lies in her heart

Sailor Jupiter’s close combat skills are the best of the Scouts; she studied martial arts for years. However, his softer and more romantic side is just as present as his warrior side. Sailor Jupiter’s obsession with finding love is to the point where it rivals even Sailor Moon’s. In the 90s anime, there is a running joke that Sailor Jupiter is boy crazy, often remembering her ex-boyfriend, and one of the best Sailor Moon songs, “Rainy Day Man,” is about that lost love.

The Strength card depicts a woman softening a mighty lion with only a gentle touch, encapsulating the dual nature of strength. Sailor Jupiter’s sweet and melancholic personality lends nuance to her role as the force of the group.

4 The Chariot: Sailor Uranus has a stubborn streak

Sailor Uranus’ swashbuckling charm knows no bounds. She is tenacious and talented, with a penchant for racing, be it running, racing cars, or driving motorcycles. Yet despite being so resolute, her social personality is laid back and aloof.

The Chariot is a map of travel and control of opposing forces through sheer concentration and will. Sailor Uranus exemplifies these traits not only in her fondness for fast cars, but in how she knows exactly who she is and what she wants, and nothing will stop her from getting there.

3 The Moon: Sailor Neptune’s gift of precognition reveals the truth

Sailor Neptune’s self-assured and decisive nature makes her disdain condescension in any form. She is more socially distant than other Scouts, preferring to work on her paint and practice her cello in peace. Sailor Neptune has powers associated with the sea and prophecy, and she wields the Deep Aqua Mirror, which can tell truth from lies.

The Moon card is associated with prophecy, displaying the moon and two lone towers surrounded by reflective waters that ask the reader to examine their innermost thoughts and feelings. Like the Moon, Sailor Neptune is complex and may not be easy to understand at first, but she has a deep understanding of the world around her.

2 The Fool: Tuxedo Mask has the heart of a true believer

It’s often joked that Tuxedo Mask does nothing when he shows up for battle. Staying back shows he believes in Sailor Moon; it gives it space to grow and shine. Tuxedo Mask, the reincarnation of Earth Prince Endymion, has no idea of ​​his past, but he dons his mask and tail not just because he feels compelled to, but as a great leap of faith.

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The Fool is the first card of the tarot; it shows a youth beginning the path of a new journey with scarce supplies, symbolizing that he has faith and is ready to learn. It seems that Tuxedo Mask does nothing, but he is ready to hold back and act according to the situation.

1 The Star: Sailor Moon keeps hope alive in the darkest times

Sailor Moon is the reincarnation of Moon Princess Serenity; she is the unifying symbol of hope for her friends and the Moon Kingdom. Even when everything seems dark, Sailor Moon finds a way to shine a light.

The star is considered the most promising card in the tarot deck, sometimes referred to as the “Wish Come True” card. Sailor Moon has a long journey in terms of character growth and the pain she endures fighting enemies and protecting the innocent. But, for her, all that growth and pain is worth it because, in the end, she gets the wish she always hoped for: the safety of her friends, a future with the family she always wanted, and the assurance that humanity will continue.

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