YouTube releases new updates, including tarot card readings and mobile data story, among others / Digital Information World

YouTube has recently announcement a series of personalized readings for users interested in tarot cards. And that too with enthusiastic involvement with some of the main creators of the app.

The company made the announcement in a unique way today by displaying some of the app’s familiar faces as part of its Card displays.

In its public announcement, YouTube says its tarot community is super excited to make the reveal, especially after seeing how much people are taking interest in the genre which continues to grow over the years.

Last year, we saw many videos in the tarot section gaining massive fame with views crossing the 250 million mark in the country. To help celebrate the notion, the company has collaborated with leading creators as well as artists to provide a more personalized experience in the world of tarot card reading.

To simply access this particular playback, users just need to click on the YouTube logo and select their preference.

The leading social media app has mentioned the names of several of its famous creators who will perform the readings from a deck of cards that YouTube has personalized with prominent names or familiar faces.

This includes the likes of BLACKPINK and Safiya Nygaard, among so many other artists as well as famous content creators.

Similarly, the feature hopes to incorporate a new soul map calculated based on your date of birth while sharing personal information such as traits and other personal preferences in this world.

If users find it comfortable, they have the option to share their readings on other social media platforms for a fun and interesting twist.

While some might find YouTube’s new initiative a little bizarre and over the top, those interested in the kingdom of wizards and unicorns will surely be captivated.

Remember that in 2020 Snapchat made headlines when it opted to add the unique feature in the form of astrological profiles. And the reason was the same as here, people were interested and they wanted to get involved.

Considering the large amount of commitment attached to the world of mystic arts, we certainly think the new feature will suit those who take it seriously. While for the rest, well, you can focus on the other update announced by the company recently.

Then YouTube is conduct of tests for its mobile data story. The company says it’s on a mission to help its creators better understand their performance in the form of app analytics.

Undoubtedly, sometimes it is difficult to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and that is why the app goes the extra mile to add convenience to its users.

For the update, creators will receive a mobile data story map that gives an analysis of where their audience is dropping and where it’s growing.

Finally, the app is busy experimenting with a channel page navigation bar. The idea is to better optimize the user experience when browsing the channels. And they plan to do so by removing the navigation bar from the top of the screen below the creator’s profile on mobiles.

This not only allows users to stay in context with the channel in a more meaningful way, but also provides much easier access to like, subscribe or join a subscription.

The company is waiting for feedback from users on the two ongoing trials as they claim that the two new additions are sure to add an extra source of convenience.

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