Fool Tarot Card Meanings: Upright, Reversed & Amorous

Tarot practice is used to bring clarity and answers about love, family, career and life direction. There are several types of tarot readings and readings that can give you insight into the universe around you.

In a traditional game, there are 76 cards in total. But among the Major Arcana cards, the Bishop is numbered 0 (zero), which means that it has no special place in the game; it can be placed at the front or the end of the bridge, which means that new departures can occur at any time.

The Meaning of the Fool’s Tarot Cards

right-meaning keywords: New start, freedom, risk, travel, reverie, impulsiveness, recklessness

Reverse keywords: Reluctance to new beginnings, lack of confidence, poor decisions, disconnection from the truth of self

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The Fool is a necessary part of the Tarot, and even though there are bumps along the way, this card still means that a whole new chapter is about to begin. Even though the Fool represents a new beginning and an adventure, its name means that it may not necessarily be good.

How many times have you heard the word “fool” used in a positive way? In this case, it really means that the fool doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. This means that you don’t necessarily know all the implications of a particular choice or decision, in terms of a new path or a new chapter, but that’s fine.

No matter how long or how deep you prepare for these choices in life, there are inherently areas beyond our control. The Fool card shows us that you don’t have to have it all figured out to take that step forward.

The Fool’s Tarot Card Description

Using the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the most widely used tarot deck, the first thing you notice about the Fool card is the young man who looks like he’s ready to happily jump off the edge of a cliff.

This is not to denote unhappiness, but rather that he is so dreamy and idealistic about his path, he does not look at the reality of what is before him.

However, other symbols around it – like the white rose and the little white dog – bring in more positive energy with their meanings of purity, loyalty and protection.

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The Fool has a small rucksack on his back, suggesting he only needs the bare essentials for where he is going. With her eyes fixed on the heavens, her confidence in the universe and divine direction is evident.

The mountains in the distance represent unexpected challenges and events on the horizon. However, the fool does not care; it simply looks forward to leaping into the unknown, wherever it may lead.

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The straight sense of the fool

The Fool tarot card is usually a welcome sight during a reading as it signifies that a new beginning is on the way and it will likely be positive in nature, although there are challenges that come with it.

This card represents ultimate freedom in the ability to try life and live unattached to any particular story or belief. But this can sometimes cause difficulties.

When you think of a new beginning, you often forget that to start something new, you have to finish something. Beginnings and endings go together, and you can’t have one without the other.

While this map represents a new beginning based on greater freedom, adventure, and authenticity, there can also be an end. But like the Fool card itself, the meaning suggests not paying much attention to it.

We can’t avoid challenges or difficult times, and sometimes, while you can plan deeply, you also need to let go and believe that if you feel the call to act, it’s for a reason, no matter what. how impulsive it may seem to others.

Due to the cliff depicted in the Fool’s symbology, it also represents a leap of faith, because that’s really what every new beginning is all about. You have unlimited potential which must be utilized.

The reverse meaning of the madman

Unlike many tarot cards, the reversed bishop actually means the same thing as the upright bishop: a fresh start is in store. But upside down, it means you are hesitant to take it.

Receiving the fool upside down means life is changing, opportunities are coming and you feel resistance to moving forward out of fear. It’s important to recognize that fear is an integral part of making big changes in life, but that shouldn’t stop us from taking those steps forward.

The Fool card can mean that you potentially have a lack of confidence or faith to take that step forward. Usually this happens when you get too bogged down in what could go wrong.

But the inverted fool is of a careless nature. It means you should try to embody that blind faith, close your eyes and just jump.

However, reversing the card could mean you’re taking too much risk – or worse, acting recklessly. By trying to live in the moment or spontaneously, you may ignore the consequences of your actions, putting yourself at risk if you engage in activities you shouldn’t.

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Try to see the bigger picture and find ways to inhabit the free-spirited nature of the madman without hurting yourself or others.

The meaning of the crazy in love and relationships

Receiving the Fool card in a Tarot reading about love and relationships means that a new romantic encounter is on the way. Like so many Tarot cards, the meaning or ultimate significance of this card depends on the other cards present in a reading.

Love and Relationships: Straight Fool Sense

In a love tarot reading, a straight fool means a romantic new beginning is imminent, but it can mean anything from a casual encounter to a proposal, depending on your unique situation.

If you’ve been dating someone for a while, the Fool card asks you to rate whether this is a relationship you see going far or whether it seems more fun-based. It can also mean that if the relationship is committed, a proposal or moving in together is in the near future.

If you’re single, going crazy often means you’re entering a time in your life where you’re ready for adventure and fun. It signifies a new long-term relationship, but it could also indicate that you are not ready for a commitment yet, preferring to enjoy your life and the fun encounters you meet along the way.

While a new beginning is final, the Fool sometimes lacks commitment, which is why it depends on surrounding cards and life circumstances.

Love and Relationships: Inverted Meaning of Fool

An upside down fool means you are holding yourself back from true love out of fear. This energy reminds us that although it is scary to take a risk, love is the greatest of adventures.

In this position, being crazy can also mean that you have planned to start a new love path – whether that means ending an old relationship or starting a new one – but you are not yet ready to. go forward.

It means that your dream or vision is not quite ready, so this card reminds you to reevaluate your plans.

Although rare, the upside-down fool can also mean that you may have been acting too recklessly recently and are called upon to re-evaluate your actions before it’s too late.

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The meaning of the crazy in the career

If you receive the Fool in a career path reading, it means a great opportunity or life goal is coming your way. But we must proceed with caution.

Career: Straight Fool Sense

The right meaning of the Fool card means that you are about to see an exciting opportunity for a new job, to progress within your current company or it is time to start your own business.

It can also reveal that you are ready to move closer to your soul’s life purpose, and you may soon stop seeking that mystical passion, live it instead.

There are great opportunities moving forward here, but the caution in this position is that you’ll likely be doing it alone. Everything you do is so different and unique that those around you won’t understand, so you have to be strong enough to do it on your own.

Career: Fool’s Sense Reversed

There are a lot of possibilities in our lives, both in career and in a whole new direction. But upside down, the Fool warns you of what might happen.

Be sure to make choices based on reasons that are part of your authentic self and what you really want.

You are also warned that others may not want you to succeed. Make sure those you align with want what’s best for you.

The meaning of the crazy in finance

The crazy in a financial reading means you will see an improvement in the flow of money in your life.

Finance: sense of the right fool

Standing upright during a financial reading, the fool means that financial abundance will be yours – you just have to work for it.

It doesn’t mean you have to break your back, but you have to put in the effort to get what you hope to receive. So if you want to feel financially stable, you also need to be prepared to save.

Finance: sense of the fool reversed

In the reverse position, the meaning of the Fool is interesting because it means that you have to believe in yourself to access financial wealth.

It may not be your job or even your ability to save that you need to take a closer look at, but your identity, and whether you truly believe in and understand how to live a life rooted in abundance.

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