Career tarot cards can give you insight into future events unfolding in the deck. These premonitions can save your life if you heed them. However, you must first locate where the Tarot Cards in the Quarry are to get a reading from the Curator. Where are the career tarot cards?Read More →

YouTube has recently announcement a series of personalized readings for users interested in tarot cards. And that too with enthusiastic involvement with some of the main creators of the app. The company made the announcement in a unique way today by displaying some of the app’s familiar faces as partRead More →

Love and romance??! Who doesn’t love talking about matters of the heart, especially if you’re doing a tarot reading? Let’s face it, love is one of the main reasons people pull tarot cards or engage in a little divination! Yes, the Lovers card is about relationships, but it’s also soRead More →

The esoteric world leads you on magical roads. Whether you are a total beginner or a mystical expert, somewhere down the line one of these paths will introduce you to the tarot cards. Witches, astrologers, and other types of spiritual practitioners use this form of divination as part of theirRead More →

A new D&D product is coming soon, but it’s something a little different. Penguin Random House’s Clarkson Potter Imprint is releasing a pack of D&D tarot cards. The game will contain 78 cards, a booklet and some instructions for using the cards. This is the second D&D tarot card deckRead More →

Property of Hearst/Claire Brodsky This is just the beginning! The Fool is the zero card of the Major Arcana, representing the point where everything begins and ends and begins again. The Fool tarot card is a sign of limitless and infinite potential. It’s a cosmic invitation from the universe toRead More →

Have problems found your way in life? Can’t meet the right partner? Continue to attract toxic and narcissistic connections? Time to change careers? It looks like you might need some spiritual guidance. Tarot reading holds an extraordinary place in our culture that goes far beyond pop culture stereotypes. Contrary toRead More →