What does the Two of Wands tarot card mean?

The Two of Wands brings success and enthusiasm for the future into your life.

It is your potential, your ambition and your dynamism that this card symbolizes because it indicates that you are ready to move forward.


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What does The Two of Wands tarot card mean?

The Two of Wands tarot card reveals itself as your life begins to fall into place.

Unlike the Ace of Wands which indicates that it is time for you to trust your intuition and rediscover yourself, the Two of Wands tarot card indicates that it is time to place your future in your own hands.

When this card is dealt face up, you are ready to put your plans into action.

It’s time for that idea you’ve been thinking about to be put aside as you set out to make it happen.

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You are beginning to understand your long-term plan and you are ready to move forward and take on new and exciting risks.

Almost in stark contrast, the reversed Two of Wands card suggests that you need to formulate a long-term plan for your life.

It’s time to ask yourself what is important to you and what you value or plan for your future.

The Two of Wands tells you to put a plan in place that will lead you to that place of peace and happiness.

This card indicates that you are impatient with your goals and aspirations, and that you are overconfident in what the future holds.

If you are not beginning to feel your emotions, this card suggests that you may feel a sense of helplessness in your journey.

What does The Two of Wands tarot card look like?

The Two of Wands card is part of the Major Arcana deck, and like all other tarot cards, each aspect of the card symbolizes what is considered important.

The man holding the globe means he has the world in his hands and he can achieve anything he wants.

This represents his willingness to pursue his ambitions, but on closer inspection you’ll notice he stays within the confines of his castle, which reflects his reluctance to leave his comfort zone.

The land in the background shows mountainous terrain as a symbol of endless possibilities, albeit with challenges; if he only reaches out to catch them.

This tarot card aligns with the zodiac sign of Aries as their confident and passionate nature leads them towards a fulfilling future.

This card reflects the relentless determination of Aries who always prefers to have a plan.

Tarot cards show what to expect from the present and the future


Tarot cards show what to expect from the present and the futureCredit: Getty

What is the difference between the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana?

The standard tarot deck consists of 78 cards divided into two groups:

  • The major arcana: consists of 22 cards, also called trumps.
  • The minor arcana: consists of 56 cards.

When using Tarot cards, the Major Arcana denote essential events, lessons or milestones in life, while the Minor Arcana reflect day-to-day occurrences.

The Minor Arcana cards are arranged in four suits: Swords, Pentacles, Wands, and Cups.

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Each costume has a dominant element that corresponds to a specific area of ​​life:

  • swords represent air and have to do with intellect and decisions
  • Pentacles represent land, money and achievements
  • Chopsticks represent fire and action
  • Mugs represent water and emotions

What are the Major Arcana Tarot cards?