Prediction of tarot cards from September 26 to October 2, messages for Aries, Leo, Libra and other zodiac signs

Navratri 2022: This year Navratri will start on September 26, 2022 and end on October 5, 2022. During these nine nights, devotees worship the different forms of Goddess Durga. On the tenth day, Vijayadashami, the celebration comes to an end. So, as the new moon rises in the sky, bonding and inspiring us to embrace new opportunities to manifest magic in our lives, let’s take a look at the special tarot card message shared for each zodiac sign on the auspicious occasion of Navratri.Also read – Weekly tarot card readings: video prediction from September 26 to October 02 for all zodiac signs


Ram: Be grateful for everything and take action for conflict. Success approaches you with wise actions. Think about actions and slow down to have the situation in his favor. The chances of new relationships are there. Read also – Weekly tarot card readings: video prediction from September 19 to 25 for all signs of the zodiac

Bull: Dream big. Fake it until you make it. Live this moment. Its time of Manifestation. Enjoy the fruit of life as it comes. For some, there are possibilities for ego conflict/compromise/fight, so surrender to the universe. ALSO READ – Weekly Tarot Card Readings: September 12-18 Video Prediction For All Zodiac Signs

Gemini: Living like a leader and nurturing the world in your own way offers many possibilities and opportunities to rise. Be innovative and don’t overexpose your skills.

Cancer: Be still and embrace awareness this week. Don’t trust anyone blindly and stop pleasing others for your success. Be aware of actions and thoughts this week. The breathing exercise can be useful this week.

Leo: This week may seem like a once-in-a-lifetime journey like unsupported situation. But that’s not true, communicate openly and you may already find new opportunities and open doors. It’s just when you take the leap and things will change.

Virgin: The time to meet and greet is approaching, bringing something unexpected. Some may just find a reason to celebrate this week after completing an unexpected task. Skill increase and gala time are on the horizon.

Balance: Be humble in your approach to extraordinary success this week. Use the energies wisely and don’t seem overconfident. Follow a simple, high thought rule of life to reach heaven.

Scorpio: Watch out for people who are pretending and stay calm in unusual situations. Remembering your goal and responding to the situation will yield better results. Recognition and rewards are very likely.

Sagittarius: Achievement is the key to success. Learn from the past and follow your heart. Seek advice from someone who can help you succeed in your chosen field. Seeking guidance and following it will unravel many obstacles allowing you to live in freedom.

Capricorn: Fighting your way and creating unnecessary pressure on yourself is not smart. The knowledge and power you need direction to reach the destination of abundance. Advice from an experienced person will bring better results. Stop overthinking.

Aquarius: It’s time to be ready for the fruits of hard work and dedication. Income changes are indicated. The energy of lovers is high. Some can tie love knots. A partnership situation may arise for some.

Pisces: Ask the Universe for what you desire and be ready to receive. It’s time to seek advice. The Universal energies are ready to support you on your request. Be reasonable and humble at all times.

(Inputs – Kinnari Raval Melbourne, tarot card reader and physical medium)