Tarot reading from October 3 to 9, 2022 for all signs of the zodiac

Aries: Tarot: five of swords

You might come into conflict with someone this week. Beware of your temper. You may be able to make important decisions during this time and eliminate certain people and circumstances from your life. Leave the past behind. Work and financial abundance are at the rendezvous. Spirit is going to show you a very positive/lucky path in your career and finances. Good time to plan and save small amounts of money.

Bull: Tarot : ten of chopsticks

You may feel like the burden of responsibility is weighing you down. Your goal will be to slowly and steadily achieve your professional and financial goals. You may be presented with a new career/financial opportunity that will provide you with stable, long-term wealth. Good time to collaborate with others at work. Be sure to delegate additional tasks to your team members. Spirit asks you to have fun and not get stuck only in work-related activities.

Gemini: Tarot : ten of chopsticks

You will be bold and fearless this week. Your clarity of thought and direct practical energy will benefit you greatly. People will be drawn to your charisma and confidence. Help others with your leadership skills and advice. You will have to juggle multiple responsibilities at home and at work. Pay particular attention to your finances. Love affairs will see a favorable outcome. Personal relationships will go through a positive change.

Cancer: Tarot : Queen of Pentacles

Channeling calm and relaxed energy is favorable this week. However, your impatience might drag you into a confused daze. You may want to complete some tasks that can actually be put off until later. Watch your words during this time. The people around you can benefit from your advice and help. All in all, this week could be very fortuitous if you can focus more on personal matters such as home, family, recovery, and short vacations/breaks.

Leo: Tarot : Ace of Pentacles

There could be a whole new start in your career and your wealth. You may need to take a leap of faith and get rid of worries about your job and your money. Feel free to say whatever comes to your mind. Those in the service sector will see positive changes. The energy is building and you will make rapid progress towards achieving your goals this week. Make the most of this fortuitous period.

Virgin: Tarot : Knight of Cups

This week you will focus on love and emotional matters. You will have the confidence to express your feelings towards your loved ones. There can be passionate new beginnings in romantic relationships. A lot of healing energy is coming into your life, especially for your health and your close emotional connections. Excellent time to take a break and focus on your mental and physical health. Detoxify yourself this week by changing your diet or taking a break from work.

Balance: Tarot : knight of wands

You will channel a lot of confidence and a surge of power will sustain you this week. Your magnetic energy will draw people to you. Excellent week for both work and love. Your charm will influence everyone. Be sure to draw clear boundaries. There will be new beginnings in your work and career. This week, you don’t have to put effort into accomplishing anything, as most things will naturally be drawn to you. Trust the universe and make the most of this time.

Scorpio: Tarot : nine of chopsticks

You may feel tired and tired this week. It’s time to take a break and appreciate how far you’ve come in your journey. You will be faced with reality during this time, however, pause before deciding to change direction or mindset. New ideas and options will come to your mind that you can use later. There is a lot of healing and support from loved ones this week. Singles might meet that special someone.

Sagittarius: Tarot : Two of chopsticks

You will be going back and forth over an important decision that needs to be made. The lack of clarity will be frustrating, and it can cause you to look into the past. Nothing is lost and do not be discouraged. Keep your heart and mind open this week for good ideas and inspiration. There could be a fresh start in love and relationships. The work will be demanding and you will have to take on several responsibilities.

Capricorn: Tarot : ten of swords

It could be an emotionally difficult time due to many sudden changes you are likely to experience. You may be exposed to some hard truths this week. Fear is nothing but your response to not knowing what will happen next. Overcome your fears by asking family and friends for help. You will receive a lot of support from your loved ones.

Aquarius: Tarot : Mugs Page

This is going to be a great week for the manifestation Dear Aquarians, be sure to extract the maximum of this energy. You will be particularly passionate and emotional during this period. Those starting new businesses will see a positive head start. Love and romance with a new partner is on the cards. Go wild when it comes to trying new things and stop striving for perfection.

Pisces: Tarot : wands page

You may feel like rushing things this week, however, you are advised to be patient, take time alone, and plan everything carefully. May 2023 stands out as an important period for you. At work, you may need to realize your worth and take the lead in getting things done. Good time for a detox diet and diet, this could include taking a break from social media. You may feel like traveling, however, it may not be the same week.

White Sage Tarot Deck

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