Lucy Tarot Reviews – Reliable Tarot Card Readings That Work?

Angela Lucy, the tarot card reader, is a self-taught tarot master who has worked in the industry for over twenty years. She mainly practices her profession online via FaceTime, Zoom meetings, Skype or by telephone. She is available for private and corporate events and believes that every reading has a bright side.

About Lucy Tarot

Lucy Tarot became interested in tarot readings while attending college at Colgate University, where she graduated with a B. Year in English Literature in 1981. After college, she bought her decks and honed her skills in tarot reading by attending seminars and lectures from tarot masters like Rachel Pollack and Mary K. Greer at The Open Center.

How it works

Visitors to her website are required to draw five cards which then allow them to begin their journey of self-discovery. Information provided on its website indicates that each card drawn from the provided pile contains a hidden message. He goes ahead to state that cards correlate with money and love. To try out deck users, one must visit the official Lucy Tarot website to discover the magic.

Now, when you draw your cards, you may come across the following set:

Knight of the Vessels: This is a traditional card related to imagination, creativity and romance. Drawing it will mean that a symbolic character is about to enter your life.

Death: If you happen to draw this card, you must not ignore the warning it provides. It means the beginning of a revival, which can be hampered by the emergence of an unexpected obstacle, which can spoil everything in the store.

The magician: It is considered one of the most powerful cards a person can draw from the stack. The magician signifies the start of a magical journey filled with tons of abundance and manifestation.

King of Coins: As its name suggests, the card is closely linked to themes revolving around wealth. It could show that upcoming developments related to your financial life are about to come true.

Lovers: This is an indication that your love life will soon experience an unexpected energy shift that could lead to you having a new flame or another lover.

Lucy Tarot uses the message contained in the cards you drew to help you discover yourself. If we go back to the cards mentioned above, the Tarot Readings for this person can mean that:

Very soon, this individual will begin to experience true and very passionate love. It will come from someone they hoped to become affectionate with. Also, the person may already be close to their heart, although their souls have not really been connected in the recent past.

Once they discover their love for each other, the two will embark on a journey that will teach them different ways to generate wealth. While many people tend to overlook these avenues of wealth building, the couple may already know how to go about it.

In addition, the individual will understand that the time has come for him to overcome the challenges that have held him back for years. Overcoming these challenges will allow them to realize their dreams and live happily ever after.

What Tarot Lucy Clients Have To Say About Her Readings

As is the case with most scientific questions, there are still many misconceptions and disbelief about whether Tarot readings work or if they are just a gimmick and a way to scam people. Lucy Tarot is quick to point out her reading work and states that her work is loved by the rich and famous.

According to the official website, people love her readings because the messages she shares with them are meant to help change their lives. She adds that those who have worked with her have gone forward to change their lives for the better. Lucy Tarot provides an example of clients she has worked with and a brief description of each client.

On its website, it provides the following examples:

  • A woman victim of domestic violence met her soul mate while trying to run away from her abusive partner.
  • An Idaho man lost all of his life savings in a farm crisis and lost hope of trying again, only to win a life-changing lottery.
  • A single mother who relied on food stamps to put food on the family table ended up meeting a wealthy suitor during a visit to the nearby grocery store.
  • After searching for both for more than four decades, a poor woman living in Virginia has managed to find love and wealth.
  • These are some examples she provided on her website as proof that tarot reading works well. They are meant to show how her client’s life will change after listening to her Tarot card messages.

How does tarot reading work?

According to Lucy Tarot, the messages contained in each card vary from person to person. As such, she must know more about each person before interpreting what the cards mean to her. Once a person has requested a Lucy Tarot reading, they will ask them a few questions about themselves and their current life.

Once she has a personal understanding of that person’s life, she will provide a more accurate reading. This is what makes the readings she does for her clients valuable and meaningful.

Pricing and how to book a reading

Lucy Tarot typically charges $49 for a single reading, but today only charges $19. You can order a Tarot reading by click here.

When you order a reading, Lucy will help you unlock the answers you need to overcome past defeats and rediscover your life.

His readings will make it easier for you to move forward in life with more confidence. You should have everything you need to attract the person you love by the end of your reading.

It will also allow you to magnetically manifest the abundance that your heart has been craving for so long. All you have to do is reserve the playback and wait for the rest to fall into place.

AT learn more about Lucy Tarot, visit the official website for more information.

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