Psychic-Approved Tarot Card Decks To Buy In Australia

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There is no way around this. Coronavirus 2.0 is madness and it’s easy to feel a little lost. With ever-changing lockdown laws, mask-wearing rules and keeping 1.5 meters away from your loved ones, it’s safe to say we wish it was over yesterday.

One thing that people underestimate is how we feel energetically and as a practicing psychic that feels too real and too heavy for me. On a positive note, as we have learned over the past year, being stationary is also a great time to learn a new skill or look within and this can be done using the art of divination.

If you think this sounds like a made up class taught at Hogwarts in Harry Potter, so actually you would be right. But it is also a very old tool used by psychics/oracles to read current energies and look into the past, present and future, often aided by Tarot cards or Oracle cards. You don’t have to be a witch or wizard to use these cards, just a willingness to be open, listen to your intuition, and let go of whatever logic your brain may tell you. It takes practice and stillness, but with the right mindset, a bit of meditation, and journaling, they can really come in handy.

To help you on your tarot or oracle card journey, I’ve put together a list of online tarot cards in Australia that you might like to try. Remember that when choosing your cards (whether tarot or oracle), it is important to choose the one that attracts you the most, even if it is simply because it is beautiful. After all, I always say the tarot chooses you.

8 tarot cards to buy

Rider Waite Tarot Deck, $22

The Rider Waite Tarot deck is the OG pick of the bunch and is the most common deck for beginners and the most advanced of tarot card readers. This innovative 78-card tarot deck was created in 1909 and revolutionized spiritual practice. With 56 Minor Arcana cards, the Rider-Waite deck set the standard for almost all tarot decks published after it. Personally, I started using this game – mainly because if you get stuck and need help interpreting the messages, there are millions of hits on Google for each card. However, remember that tarot is best used with intuition, so it’s up to you to interpret it best. Do not rely on the interpretations of others.

2. Lucy Cavendish’s Oracle Tarot Cards

tarot cards online tarot cards australia
The Oracle Tarot Cards, $17.93

This is another deck that I absolutely swear by and have been doing for many years. Created by the White Witch Lucy Cavendish (the one who taught me all about magic), this superb 62-card Oracle Tarot deck contains only positive and uplifting cards because, according to Lucy, “there is always a positive choice, no matter what the situation. “. Amen.

At the bottom of each card there are clear sentences which are useful when you need a quick answer, but there is also a very useful guide with interpretations.

3. The Moon Child Tarot

The Moonchild Tarot, $105

The Moonchild Tarot is a superb card game that mixes the art of tarot and meditation. Created by Danielle Noel, the bridge was carefully designed “to illuminate with your light. To help you shine, play or dive deep into the waters of your heart, in search of new worlds of magic and medicine.

The game includes 81 cards of “magickal artworth” and comes with a 279-page guidebook. It is simply magnificent.

4. Accurate AF Tarot

tarot cards online tarot cards australia
Accurate AF Tarot, $61.66

If there’s one thing I love, it’s an accurate AF tarot card deck and this lovely deck of circles promises just that. The Accurate AF Tarot “encourages readers to conjure up the power that was already within them all along,” making the process easier for you with ethereal, dreamlike imagery. Perfect for beginners, the Accurate AF Tarot is also handmade (hence the more expensive tag) by small Australian company Prism and Fleur.

Each card is embellished with gold foil highlights, gold edges and a laminated finish of velvet rose petals, helping to provide focus and a gentle invitation to deepen the relationship with yourself on a mental level, emotional and spiritual.

Work Your Oracle Light Cards, $22

If it’s crystals you love, then the Work Your Light Oracle cards probably speak to you on a whole new level. The game was created by a successful spiritual teacher Rebecca Campbell and is designed to “help heighten your intuition, hear your soul’s messages, connect with your purpose, and light the world with your presence.” Basically, it’s a one stop shop for fiery beings! Rebecca created the Work Your Light Oracle Cards for those ready to take action for an aligned life, which is what many of us are looking for during a pandemic.

In addition to helping you find your life’s purpose, this deck is made up of five suits: Confirmation Cards, Action Cards, Soul Investigation Cards, Activation Cards, and Transmission Cards. I love that for us.

6. Tattoo tarot

Tattoo Tarot, $19.25

If you’re looking for a more forward-thinking deck, then Tattoo Tarot might be the one you’re looking for. Created by Megamundenauthor of Tattoo Postcards and the bestseller tattoo coloring book, this deck is modeled after the updated Rider Waite Tarot with bright and bold imagery. Plus, aside from being able to tap into future prospects, you might just find your next tattoo inspiration at the same time.

7. The Tarot of the Seer of Light

tarot cards online tarot cards australia
Tarot of the Seer of Light, $28.12

The Light Seer’s Tarot is a reimagining of traditional tarot archetypes and symbols in a “bohemian, contemporary style”. Used as a tool for healing, the game is the perfect guide to exploring both the dark and light sides of our nature.

Due to the amazing artwork with deep images, this game will not only provide you with answers, but also make you ask more questions. Deep.

tarot cards online tarot cards australia
The Literary Witches Oracle, $27.51

The Literary Witches Oracle is a 70-card deck and guide containing female icons and otherworldly symbols. The game aims to add spiritual insight and feminist guidance to your ritual while seeking the wisdom of strong, creative women. The Oracle Game features 30 prominent women writers in literary history such as Virginia Woolf and Toni Morissonand lesser-known pioneers, such as Yumiko Kurahashi and Mirabai.

So cool.